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    Originally posted by Butcher View Post
    Why the animosity towards Avid? Did it steal your girlfriend or something?

    Oh yeah, and pretty much everything you've posted is dead wrong.

    Use the system that gets your job done. I use a PC. I know others that use Macs. In the end, we all meet deadlines and get paid, and on air nobody can tell what system was used.

    Exactly - use what works. Especially if you are a one man band. If you are editing features and need to be able to export to your sound designer/mixer and your colorist make sure you can export the appropriate formats. If editing primarily in one codec (dvcprohd mxf's for instance), make sure you're happy with the workflow. Some programs support certain worklfows better than others.

    Otherwise use what works. Neither Mac nor PC is "optimized" or better for video or graphics. I use a PC for editing and graphics design but the second I find a reason to jump ship for a mac I'll do it. I'd worry more about being a skilled editor than what NLE I'm using. With adobe ruling my world and supporting the PC side more so than Mac I just cant find a good reason to make the switch. The boxes are prettier though...
    Jeff Anderson