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Exporting from MOTION

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    Exporting from MOTION

    I have a project that I am working on in MOTION. I imported a layered image from Photoshop, tweaked it and added a title and other content from Motion. Now I want to export the project so I can use it in a FCP project. Before the export, everything looks nice and crisp. After the export the picture I imported from Photoshop does not look as crisp as it did before the export! I checked all of my settings and cannot figure out why this is. I tried exporting several different times as well and still does not have an appealing look. It looks almost like its somewhat out of focus but b4 the export its crystal clear and sharp!

    Any ideas to what I am doing wrong?

    Please list your export settings. Are you checking how your export looks in FCP on a m NTSC preview monitor?
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