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Good audio/equalizer program for the mac?

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    Good audio/equalizer program for the mac?

    I'm primarily using FCP 5 to edit and need something to edit sound with. Any suggestions?

    FCP 5 is part of Final Cut Studio which includes Soundtrack Pro.


      Depends on how big your needs are and how much you want to do sound. STP V1 is not all that great for sound post work. STP V2 (in FCS2 (FCP6 etc)) is a lot better.
      If your needs are light they are fine. If your needs are heavy you should look for a sound editor unless you really want to get into it. At that point then you need to decide if your only going to do sound for yourself or do you want to do sound professionally. If you want to work in sound post professionally in the US there is realistically only one choice and that is ProTools. If your only in house then you have more options. Nuendo, Deck, poss logic pro?

      BUT sound apps designed for sound people are a pretty different way of thinking and your orientation curve is probably going to be steep if what you know is picture editing. STP works much more like a NLE than a DAW (part of the reason sound folks often have problems with it) so as a FCP user it's going to be more friendly.

      And lastly. The biggest factor in a quality sound track (after good production sound) is the time spent and experience/ talent of your editor. A good rule of thumb is 10-15 hours for every screen minute with an experienced editor to get a full smooth "big screen" sounding track. Most low budget films spend a whole lot less, and you can hear it. I can give you a good guess at the time/ money/ experience of a films crew by listening to part of a film. Some films by there style are more tolerant of a "low budget" sounding track than others.

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        Noiz2 is absolutely right. Unless you are willing to spend many long hours in total isolation listening to different takes of the same scene to edit together alt takes for when the actor's overactive stomach ruined a dramatic moment, you might want to look into finding someone who finds that sort of masochism enjoyable. Having said that, I find dialog editing quite enjoyable and you might too. If that sounds like you, the Academic version of Pro Tools M-Powered is both cheap and a good way to edit sound. You just need that and one of their M-Audio interfaces that are compatible and your are set with a pretty good program and you can open your sessions on bigger systems as your needs progress.

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