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Ever delete an Mft file?

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    Ever delete an Mft file?

    I don't know how it happened, but here's the chain of events:

    Two nights ago, I try to shut down, and the computer takes a looooong time to do it. Nothing but a sea of blue as, "Windows is shutting down". Then, a pop-up appears, and since it was late, I can't recall the exact text, but it said something about, "G: \$Mft."

    I clicked OK, and went to bed.

    Since then, I had to hard reset the computer a few times, because when I turn it on, it won't go past the BIOS screen.

    I hit F2, to get into setup, and restore default system settings.

    Now it boots up ok, still sort of slow, but more importantly when I run my Avid editing app., it won't play right, digitize video, etc.

    I tried to export a QT movie, and another warning pops up about the Mft file above, and also one MXF file (video file for those non-Panasonic P2 users). I can see the MXF file on my external drive, but it can't be opened.

    Any suggestions? Data recovery software perhaps? I've since done a lot of reading on Master File Tables, partitioning, etc., but I'm still not sure what works best, or how I even did this in the first place.

    If anyone has any time or experience, I'd be very grateful for your help.