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TODAY'S the day to get some Juice... I mean RIGHT NOW!

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    TODAY'S the day to get some Juice... I mean RIGHT NOW!

    I think most people know me around here... this isn't a spamming ad... THIS IS THE POST I WISH I'D HAVE SEEN BACK AT CHRISTMAS TIME... but fortunately the fantastic deals are coming around again!

    Do NOT make the same mistake I made a month ago and write this off... or worse... wait around and watch the clock run down! When these deals pop up they are for LESS then a day! Period. While not everybody has a high-esteem for Digital Juice products, I've found that far and away those that don't like them don't know how to use them! There are a lot of really exciting new products that have come out from this company... you should at least check out the site.

    Recently I got my first volume of JuiceDrops... which are layered Photoshop files that create incredible, multi-layered images of approximately 11" x 17" at 300 DPI!... and we're talking about tons of layers and effects layers! So it makes it EASY to take a royalty free work of art and make it your own... for anything... business cards, DVD covers and printing... ANYTHING. This is just the tip of the iceberg... the new Swipes! effects are very cool also... but anyway... TODAY IS THE DAY TO GIVE IT A GO!

    I don't get anything for this, but if you go to that site and get hooked, please mention either me or DVXuser... this is another situation where I believe strongly in the product and REALLY strongly in the deals they are offering.

    Today's DOTD is unbeatable. You get your choice of product (not counting ETKs) a nice duffle bag, FREE SHIPPING, and a $25 Gift Certificate... all for $49.95... so you're actually only paying $24.95 for any 1 Juice product DELIVERED... with a duffle included that is probably worth $10 EASILY.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is for a product that I paid $600 for 4 of in the past! So yes... this is HUGE.

    After my faux paux on the last DOTD I'm going to get a few of these (if the Juice allows it, but as best I can tell I think it does)...

    Digital Juice has HD ETKs due out by the end of this month... and this company makes products that have to be experienced to be believed... their products are EMPOWERING... so it's not like you're going to have a hard time using the gift certificates right away!

    LIGHTING for Film & Television DVD Excerpts Reel.................................................. ............................. SOUND for Film & Television DVD Excerpts Reel

    Cool stuff indeed, and normally too pricey to jump at. This is a deal to take advantage of. Thanks Matt.




        Yeah right Milksac... uh... I'm not exactly new around here... and I personally PAID $150 each for juice volumes in the past to the tune of $600... and TODAY you could get all those same volumes OR you could get any of a hundred other products... for an end net cost of $49.95... and if you count the gift certificate then you're actually paying $24.95 SHIPPED (and this is if you don't even use the FREE duffle).

        If THIS is spam... then please spam away in the future! I was super-pissed when I missed one of these deals last time. You should research a little about me as a member before you call "spam"... I'm about as UNSPAM as it gets around here.

        Anybody who checks this out will thank me... or better still go on ebay and compare any of the dozen or so auctions where individuals are trying to sell their own Juice products for $50 + shipping when you can TODAY go on the Juice site and get YOUR CHOICE of product for a net cost of half that, shipped.

        Trust me... this is a deal where you will kick yourself later for not checking it out.
        If you have any need for some royalty free production music, graphical compositions for anything from print to DVD jackets and covers (and these can also work in any NLE), or if you would like a slick moving logo at the front of your next video... well you can do any of that and choose from literally HUNDREDS of options... for $24.95 today.

        Pff... spam. I'll bet somebody would post "spam!" if you put up an offer for $400 Sennheiser 416s... but it's okay, you can cry about it tomorrow... that's what I did when I came across this a month ago... when it ended and I found out that it was legit.

        Again... if you check it out, you'll thank me. I've been a big user of Juice for 5 years now... it's one of those products that is cheesy in a cheesy person's hands... and really cool if you have any sense of taste or style. The next time you watch The Daily Show... or Colbert Report... or any one of DOZENS of major shows ALL OVER your TV... you're looking at Juice products.

        We had a debate over there about people keeping Juice secret... because it gives you an edge over other people who don't know about it... and I said that MOST people keep Juice secret... this is about me doing the opposite, not spam.

        The first JuiceDrops volume that I bought is the futuretech volume... and to give you an idea of the level and complexity of these products... there are something like 100(!) of them on each volume... and the level of detail in these things is MIND BLOWING... you can use just a FRACTION of the image and still have an ultra-high-res image to work with... for some individual pictures you may see just a section of texture that you want for a BG or something... and anyway... my computer is getting on in years a bit... but it's still a 3g P4 with a gig of 2-2-2 ram... and a 6800gt OC card... (not too bad)... and it takes my computer nearly 5 MINUTES to load up the 60+ layers of 300dpi artwork that makes up just ONE of the JuiceDrops on this volume of 100 options.

        Seriously... the amount of content in just ONE VOLUME is completely overwhelming.
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          If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it's Spam.


            Dude... you gotta' be kidding me. When you have a question about audio I'll be sure to not answer it.

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              HARDLY spam.

              I have used DJ products since I started my business.

              Members tell the rest of the board about any good deals they run across all of the time.

              This is a good deal on a good product.

              If you don't like it milksac, then feel free to click the x in your upper left corner of your window.

              Otherwise you are just shi##ing in an otherwise useful thread.
              Matt Gottshalk
              Director of Production


                Dude... this is one of the few times when something that seems too good to be true isn't.

                Last month I had a guy ask me about one of my dolly designs... he sent me a video link to check out another dolly design and it turned out to be a video that's posted on the Digital Juice website... on that front page they had a DOTD offer... again... I paid $150 EACH for the JumpBacks volumes that I bought years ago... and because of that price I figured I'd never buy any more Juice products because I just couldn't justify that cost for the amount of use I got out of them.

                So anyway... I'm looking at this site... I didn't even check out the video of the dolly that the guy told me to check out... and I'm sitting there thinking... "this guy is trying to scam me... there's no way that this is a real site and that these are the real prices"... plus I'm sitting there watching the time meter tick down that's on the front page... and I totally didn't believe it... I figured it HAD to be a scam... in the last 5 minutes... LITERALLY... I decide "screw it" and put in a haphazard order... so I get a confirmation email that says my order will ship... and the following week there it is... but unfortunately... that deal ended when it said it would... and I didn't even choose my products carefully... it was that last few minutes when I thought, "crap... I think this is real" that I rushed in an order.

                I was pulling my hair out for the last month thinking that was it! A guy online told me that they'd run another really great deal like that and that you have to watch the site to catch them... well I've been going to that site FIRST everyday, TWICE a day... since that order a month ago... and today is THE day I was waiting for.

                Read any of my threads on ANYTHING I like... go search "Oktava" right now... look at my enthusiasm for that mic and more importantly... notice how many people THANK ME for turning them on to it... and beyond that... how about the discount that I got for DVXusers!? I don't work for that company either... but I am an enthusiastic person... I've found that in life people tend to be at the extremes... and I meet a few really enthusiastic people and a lot of slugs.

                I'd rather be enthusiastic.

                Also... I forgot to mention this (since a friend on another board just pointed it out)... for 5 days last week they had something they call the "magic"... and it's clearly posted at the top of the site that all gift certificates that people already have from a previous purchase will be worth double the face value.

                Apparently they do this several times per year... so it's not only possible but LIKELY that your purchase under this DOTD could end up being ENTIRELY FREE if you wait to use that gift certificate at "magic" time in the future.

                Hmm... I guess that sounds like more hype... but wait... I made ALL THAT MONEY from my tiny, one-bedroom apartment... placing tiny ads...
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                  These are really great products and I have used them a lot. I have just about every program out there for the mac and I can use most of them pretty well but I don't have the time to make every thing that I need and Jucie is a time saver with very usable products. My partner and I have about $12,000 worth of there products all bought at the discount price when onsale. Wether juice drops or animation or music you just don't have the time to create all of what can be at your finger tips instantly. Tasteful and in the right place these products are used on national broadcast all the time. I see their stuff at least 10 times a week on TV. If you dont like it dont buy it but its probbally because you haven't spent the time to really look at all of there products and see how they can be used. But please don't buy them, no don't buy them, I don't want them over used or used poorly. Its simple, if you have all the time to make every thing that you need to create and the talent to do it then good for you, but most of us here are really good at some things but not all things and this company does a great job at suppling good media products that are high quality. They have gotten better over the years and are continually improving there products because they listen to their base. There not a perfect company and you can get a little frustrated sometimes but show me a company thats not the same. I like there stuff and thanks for the heads up MattinSTL.


                    That wasn't spam, just informationfor those not familiar with the digital juice products, or what a deal this is. What is spam, is your repeated bleating about it being spam. You said your piece, now move on.


                      I'll second Matt's post.
                      I picked up some DJ products just a few weeks ago (got 6 volumes of their Stacktraxx) - and now i"m tempted to get more.

                      Definitely a deal worth considering
                      For those unfamiliar with DJ products, this is a great deal.

                      And on another note - for those unfamiliar with Matt - he's definitely worth listening to.


                        I am a fan of digital juice. They have some great stuff. I designed my website banners with the juice drops (layered photoshop files) along with all my dvd sleeves. The best deal I have seen on Digital Juice so far is any 12 jumpbacks, juicedrops, stacktraxx, motion design elements along with a $50 gift card for $249. The best deals I have seen happen near Christmas and NAB, although they have some pretty good ones coming more often now.
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                          Here's the real story about why this thread sounds over the top;

                          There's a guy from another forum that I talk to from time to time... and I basically laid into him for not telling me about these Juice deals... so he replies that he already posted about it (in another thread that I didn't see) and I was hacked that somebody didn't make it more obvious.

                          Of course it's my own stupidity or lack of investigation on the issue... but as I said, my past experience was that Juice was EXPENSIVE. Back when I bought the first volumes of JumpBacks... my brother thought I was an idiot for spending that kind of money on them... and over time I felt like yeah, that's just too much money for the amount that I used them, but I still found them addictive to play with because the graphics are so eye-popping... and when I stopped looking at Juice they had the first edition of Editor's Toolkit coming out... but it was $500 so I just wrote that right off immediately... again, deciding that it would be unlikely for me to make any future Juice purchases... even though I liked them.

                          So when I found out that the company had been offering these deals on occasion since last Christmas (like the one in the post above that is simply fantastic)... I was SO MAD that nobody had told me! I thought, "why the hell didn't somebody POST this in such a way that I couldn't miss it!?"

                          THAT is why I posted this in the manner I did... and that is why I'm so enthusiastic about it.

                          My previous site... which I won't even POST here since all it does is drive traffic to some jackass... well anyway... I lost my domain name (long explanation)... but I'm waiting for a new domain to resolve right now... and as soon as it does I'll post 2 pics from my first volume of JuiceDrops... the first pic will be an entire flattened photoshop file resized to fit in this thread... with a crappy green box drawn around the area that will be the second pic that I post.

                          You will see what I mean when I say that EACH file (100 files on one volume) has endless possibilities... we're talking like 60 layers of crap before it's flattened down... you can do ANYTHING with the JuiceDrops... and the detail is unbelievable. When you see what I mean (by posting these pics) you'll get it... the tiny crop pic taken from the giant file... is eye-popping... then you look at the big pic and realize that it's endless... and what's more... you'll be looking at the generic batch of layers, flattened and untouched, don't forget how easy it is in photoshop to color, style, and move things... each layer is editable! I'm telling you... it's as I said before... OVERWHELMING POSSIBILITIES.

                          LIGHTING for Film & Television DVD Excerpts Reel.................................................. ............................. SOUND for Film & Television DVD Excerpts Reel


                            Matt -
                            Now you're making me feel guilty for not posting about their 'mini mix and match' deal they had a few weeks back.

                            Any 3 volumes of either StackTraxxs, Jumpbacks, or Swipes for $58
                            And the best part was you could order more than 1 set -

                            So I picked up 6 volumes of the StackTraxxs for $116 (or $19.33 each)

                            I'm DEFINITELY keeping an eye on their DOTD now.


                              I just wish y'all would find these deals when I actually have the money to spend.