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    Originally posted by Luis Caffesse View Post
    Any 3 volumes of either StackTraxxs, Jumpbacks, or Swipes for $58
    And the best part was you could order more than 1 set -

    So I picked up 6 volumes of the StackTraxxs for $116 (or $19.33 each)
    This is the very deal I was referring to when I say I flipped out in the last 5 minutes. You placed that order on July 2nd didn't you?

    At that time I wasn't even familiar with the DJ site... and I was looking at the "overview" tab for each thing... I didn't even notice the "gallery" tab... so literally, in the last 5 minutes, I decided "holy sh*t... this is real" and I raced through... selecting what looked cool as fast as I could... ALSO at the time I assumed (incorrectly) that I could only pick 3 things... not 6 or 9, etc.

    So anyway... from that deal I got the JuiceDrops FutureTech volume (love it), the Stacktraxx 21 Ambient (like it), and the JumpBacks HD Tunnel Vision II (hate it... there, would I say that if I were a shill?)... I was pissed at myself for the Tunnel Vision JB volume... but overall I was just pissed that I didn't know about these deals.

    Obviously I would have preferred that deal to be repeated... but this one isn't THAT far off... because with that other deal if you only got 3... then your total was about $67... and with the deal now 3 will be $75 shipped (after accounting for the gift certificates)... and you can use the duffle or give it away... and each volume is only about $3 more if you count the free ship.

    For me, the certificates are basically just like money anyway... because I'll spend them back again by the end of this month... I almost guarantee it.

    EDIT: I don't know if these pics will post in full res, but here's what I was talking about anyway... these are both jpegs compressed down to "7" on the compression setting... the first pic is resized to the size you see. At full size, FLATTENED to RGB, is something like a 37mb file! In all it's layers it's insane... like I said... more possibility then you can shake a stick at.

    The second pic is a crop taken from the green box of the first pic when it was at full size... and don't forget... this is one of a HUNDRED of such files on just one JD volume... so the net cost for this file, if you bought this volume today... is less then a freakin' quarter! A freakin' quarter for ROYALTY FREE art of this caliber? That you can mod in any way EASILY and use as your own? A quarter??? Yes. Twenty-five cents.

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      More juice deals again...

      I know this thread is stale, but Digital Juice is offering more cheep deals, I just picked up a few of their Motion Design Elements for $9.95 each and they are offering those Juice Drops too... Matt, nice post, if I had seen it before I ordered I might have grabbed a few drops while I was at it, but now they just extended the current sale a few more days so who knows... YOU ARE RIGHT, if you don't know what you can do with this stuff you may not see the value (although on my budget I need the cheap deals).

      They have a few really good video tutorials showing how to get the most from the products (and if you watch them a second time and just look at how they incorporate their own products into those videos, you get even more ideas on how to add snazzy graphics to punch up your video).

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