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SPEED Edit in 4K and 50% downsize on a 2K timeline VS edit natively in 4K

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    SPEED Edit in 4K and 50% downsize on a 2K timeline VS edit natively in 4K

    Sorry if this has been asked before.

    Would it be faster, slower or equal in Premiere to

    A) edit 4K material and 50% downsize on a 2K timeline sequence
    B) edit 4K material on a 4K timeline

    specifically I'm talking about mainly Canon MXF 422 footage out of C300m2, and a project w hundreds of hours of material and a 2 hour + timeline
    Would it make any difference if you also include upscaling some 2K material to 4K?

    Thanking You In Advance!


    No difference in terms of raw performance as the source is still 4K, whether it's in a 4K timeline or a 2K timeline.

    However, playback - depending on how you playback footage/its quality - may (or may not) improve if doing it in a lower-resolution timeline.

    Per usual, best way to answer this question is to test footage you'd be personally working with in your own personal system/software.


      Thanks for your reply.
      Im mid-project thinking of switching to 4K timeline for a possible 4K online-master (broadcast-master is only 2K). Im thinking graphics would be better too etc but dont want to slow down the editing process. If its a minor difference then I think I will junp ship and take the 4K sequence train.
      Havent seen much difference so far when trying, but havent tried a massive project / sequence.


        Everything will look better if a lot of it is of a higher-resolution...because currently the extra pixels are being thrown away in the 2K timeline.

        I always edit in a native timeline and then export lower-resolution masters from that.