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Editing 24p in FCP 3

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    Editing 24p in FCP 3

    I've been messing around with 24pA shooting. I just got my DVX last week. Is it possible to capture and edit 24p or 24pA in Final Cut Pro 3? Everyone says use FCP 4 because of Cinema Tools, but I can't afford it right now. If it's possible in FCP 3, is there any technical aspects I should know about before diving in head first? Thanx! :P

    Re: Editing 24p in FCP 3

    FCP 4 handles the 24pA natively upon capture elminiating the need for third party tools such as Cinema Tools. CInema Tools deals with 24pN type material, so depending on how you are shooting the DVX100, you cxan choose.

    When using FCP 3, you can always shoot 24pN and edit in a 29.97 timeline or if you want to edit natively at 23.976, you need to process the captures footage through DV Filmmaker.