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Does FCP Express support XDCAM EX, P2 or DVCPROHD?

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    Does FCP Express support XDCAM EX, P2 or DVCPROHD?

    Can anyone tell me whether FC Express supports the following formats:

    DVCPRO 50

    If not, is there a plug-in or download available that could do this?

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    DV and Apple Intermediate Codec only. HDV is converted to the latter.

    Remember that Final Cut Pro installs most of those codecs, so to access them you need Final Cut Pro.
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      No it doesn't- FCP is required to work with the HVX200, EX1, HPX170, etc. In fact I'm going to make this a sticky because it keeps coming up as a question. You want to work with the high-end DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, XDCAMEX etc camera- you need Final Cut Pro...

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        Thanks for that guys. That's solved a lot of problems!

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          Please help me.
          I am shooting a one hour long documentary film. I want this to be telecasted on various channels(discovery 1920*1080/59.94). I had also planned a Hindi feature film on the same subject and therefore could not stick to a specific Frame rate. The feature film project could not took off but the documentary can be completed.
          The already shot footage is on --
          HDW F750 1080i/59.94
          HDC F950R 1080/24p
          DVCPRO HD varricam 720/24p
          DVCPRO HD HDX900 720/24p
          HDV HVX202 1080/25p
          75 % shoot remains for an hour long documentary. In future I would like to shoot on HDX900 DVCPRO HD (principle camera) and PMW EX3 (B Camera)
          1.Does 24p acceptable to the channel and other broadcasters ?
          2. What frame rate should be adopted for the remaining shoot?
          3. What editing path I must follow to get the best resolution, please guide.
          4. How can I convert the above footage in acceptable resolution or should I re-shoot?
          will be editing on FCP
          Please advise
          RAMJI OM
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            Hi. Maybe this comes in a little too late but you can actually use XDCAM EX footage with FCE given you use the right plug-in for QT. I was having this same problem and just downloaded the trial version for this plug-in:


            And I'm now running XDCAM EX footage on FCE. It has grey bars over it because it is a trial version of the software but that will go away when you purchase the license.


              FCE Academic version and EX1

              No matter what I do, I cannot import any footage from my EX1 into FCP Academic version. Is there anything that need to know or do? It keeps saying that the format is unknown. In fact, if I copy a file to my desktop, and double-click it, it fails with the same error, so I think that the codecs are not in the machine. It is fully updated, so I don't know what to do.