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FCPX exporting MP3

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    FCPX exporting MP3

    Has anyone had issues exporting MP3? I get a crackling sound and the only way around it is to export as a WAV or AIFF and re-encode as and MP3 in another program. Even doing using the WAV export is problematic because it truncates anything over 4gb without informing you the file is incomplete for file size restrictions.

    Btw I'm using a M1 mac mini. I can post a file but can anyone verify this issue of exporting MP3?

    Sometimes there may be an issue and it's not clear why it happens, but I've heard about it before.

    Post a file...and tell us what it is that you're exactly doing. Are you dropping in an audio file into a timeline, or are you trying to export the audio from your camcorder's video file as an audio-only file and choosing .MP3 as the format?

    For a quick troubleshooting test, try changing the sample rate in a project's 'info inspector' to something else (48kHz is the default).


      It's a screen capture video of a Zoom video conference using OBS that I want to rip the audio for a stenographer.
      update: I filmed a clip with a camcorder and I had no issue so there is something that FCP doesn't like about OBS. It's strange I don't get any errors and it plays fine in the timeline only the export.
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        I don’t know if anyone cares but I learned more on this subject so I thought I’d share.

        I discovered I’m not crazy other people have experienced the same issues of crackling sound from video captured from OBS on a pc.

        Strangely enough the source of the audio issue is OBS muxing mkv to mp4 which introduces a crackling artifact into Mac Quicktime playback or editing in FCPX. The current work around is to use another software to mux the video such as VLC.

        In general audio issues with remote video conferencing software such as Zoom and screen capturing software such as OBS are becoming more common. The audio driver whether it is out dated or updated can cause a whole host of issues that aren’t easy to fix.