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AVID Xpress DV 3.5.4 questions

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    AVID Xpress DV 3.5.4 questions


    So, I shot a feature like 3 years ago which I was editing on AVID Xpress DV 3.5.4
    There were a bunch of problems after the shoot which delayed the film's completion. I have all the footage stored on 3 different hard drives. What I would consider the final cut is done. However, the film still needs a proper audio mix and decent color correction. AVID stopped updating this software & pretty much supporting it shortly after we started working with it. The AVID boards back then were burning up with people who were having huge problems from just updating to 10.2.8. I've not been able to update my OS beyond 10.2.7 because of this.

    I've just wrapped a short which we shot 24pa & I'd like to cut it on FCP. I can't even install FCP5 without updating my OS. Updating my OS means losing access to AVID. I'm able to get FCP5 for 500 bucks with an educational discount which is way less than it would cost me to rent a laptop with it already on there or studio time to get this thing done. However, losing the ability to work on the If anybody has any suggestions about a way to upgrade while still being able to work on the old film, please, let me know.


    Upgrade to Avid Xpress Pro might be your best option. It will cost you the price of the upgrade, but will run on the current OSX version and be able to open the Xpress DV project.

    With Xpress Pro you could also cut the 24pa footage on it which wasn't an option in Xpress DV. There's probably another reason for you wanting to go FCP, but I thought I'd mention that about Xpress Pro in case that was an issue.
    Chris Johnson