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HVX202 + FS100 + Media Composer = 50i only?

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    HVX202 + FS100 + Media Composer = 50i only?

    We are confused and disappointed by something that seems to be unavoidable, and would appreciate it if someone can perhaps steer us right.

    The HVX202 (PAL) camera has a much more limited number of formats available than the HVX200 (NTSC). It doesn't have 24P, for example. However, we would love to use 720P/25P.

    The Avid Media Composer does not accept 720/25, so we have to use 1080i/25P or 1080i/50i. As everyone knows, interlaced looks pretty awful and very video-like, so we'd prefer 25P.

    But here's the thing: the Firestore FS-100 for PAL does not let us import 25P into Avid to be consolidated. It only accepts 50i.

    So despite numerous available formats, we want to use 720P/25P, but can only use 1080i/50i.

    Are we mistaken, or are we trapped?

    no, you are trapped. we are having the same problem and are stuck with 50i