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Quality of DV during import

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    Quality of DV during import

    I am having some quality issues with DV footage during import. I am running Avid Media Composer v2.5.2 with an SDI Mojo. The footage was shot 23.976 on miniDV. I am importing using the panasonic DVX100B it was shot with via a 4 pin to 4 pin firewire into the back of the mojo. I am in a 23.976 project using the advanced 2:3 3:2 pulldown importing through host 1394. I originally imported the footage in DV25 and the footage appeared a little too compressed for what I'd like. So I figured I'd try it a couple different ways to see if I could get a better result. In 1:1 I got the same result as the DV25 and it wouldn't let me capture using DV50. When I hook the camera up directly to a monitor using an s-video cable the picture is crystal clear. Is it the fact that I am am going through firewire that I am losing this quality, would capturing using an s-video connection correct this, or what should I be using as the best uncompressed setting during import? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    On a seperate note I was curious if using a firestore device, instead of tape, would solve the whole compression issue from converting to the hard drive. The question with this is, if the firewire connection is the cause of my above problem, would I have the same problems using one of these, being a device that requires a firewire connection?


    The compression to DV25 occurs in the camera, and that is what gets recorded to tape. What you get when you capture via 1394 is exactly that data. It is essentially a stream of numbers. It does not get degraded

    When you hook the camera up to a monitor using s-video and play a tape, the camera takes the original DV25 data from the tape and translates it to an analog signal acceptable to your monitor. If this picture looks crystal clear, then there is nothing wrong with the information on the tape.

    Capturing the s-video output of your camera should not improve the result. If anything there would be some degradation, plus you would lose your original timecodes. And of course you could forget about having Avid break out your shots using DV Scene Extraction.

    How are you viewing your footage?



      Make sure you timeline quality button is set to green/green and not green/yellow.


        So I didn't have the green to green set, a caustic oversight on my part. This is the first DV project we have worked on. We usually deal with film, D5, or dBeta and the footage is clean enough in green to yellow, that I forgot all about that little button. Thanks for the help!