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How Do You Deal With Reversed Footage?

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    How Do You Deal With Reversed Footage?

    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering how you guys deal with footage that comes from The Redrock M2.
    I know about using the flip/flop effect but that's after the clip has been edited into the sequence.

    Is there a better way to get the image flipped/flopped so I can view it correctly in the source window PRIOR to cutting it into the sequence?

    What do you guys do?


    Don't know about the source window flippin', but one hardware solution is to watch with a monitor that has the flip-option. A cheap LCD should do just fine.


      Drop all your source clips into a sequences. You now have 1 large 'source sequence' which is easy to shuttle through. Throw a FlipFlop onto V2. The flipflop applies now to all clips below on V1.

      Now, don't doubleclick the seq, but drap&drop it into the source monitor. Create a new seq to do your actual editing. Voila.