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A proggie that moves P2 files to AVID's liking :-)

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    A proggie that moves P2 files to AVID's liking :-)

    I was sick of it. Having hundreds of CONTENTS folders from my P2 cards on my harddrive and forced to manually move the files from the AUDIO and VIDEO subdirectories to an AVID MXF import folder.

    Not anymore.

    I wrote a little Windows-app (and made it freeware) that moves all the files to correct positions so AVID can immediately import them. The proggie can also move 'em back just in case you make up your mind. You can select which audio channels to move. You can also delete any non-used files (LASTCLIP.TXT, your CONTENTS folder...).

    PLEEEEEZ: This app has been written in 4 hours in AutoIt and it works great for me. But it has NEVER been thoroughly tested. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA before you use it! I can not provide any support, sorry. If I am around in this forum, I will try, but no promises. It is free to use.

    Here is the download link:

    Have fun with it,

    Jan Braband

    Excellent! I will definitely try this out on my next import session.

    Thank You!
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      It almost works correctly.

      It seems to create ANOTHER folder in the CONTENTS folder that you would still need to move to the Avid MediaFiles Folder.

      You're really close but - not quite there yet. To me, you would want to add:
      1. Choose what P2 Folder to GET the Data From.

      2. What Avid Folder to SEND the Data to (audio and video of course).

      That's it.
      You get these 2 steps and I'd pay for it.