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HVX 1080 24p... in Avid

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    HVX 1080 24p... in Avid

    Hey there,

    I'm pretty new here, new to the HVX, new to Avid... new to video, even! Go easy on me and excuse my ignorance, please. I want to shoot my film at either 720 24pn OR... some 1080 format, as long as it's 24fps. I'm going to edit in Avid Xpress Pro HD, and so far I get the impression that I can extract 24p footage from one or more of the 1080i formats that the HVX produces.

    Which format should I shoot in and how do I go about removing the pulldown to bring it into Avid?

    How should the frame rate be set in my Avid project?

    And do any of you have "case study" examples of how you organize your Avid project folders to accommodate p2 data? I've checked DC's sticky on importing p2 data into Avid, I guess I'm looking for some success stories or best practices.

    Cheers, this is a great forum.

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