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    Live Concert Shoot

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    Last edited by Andy Reismeyer; 03-14-2009, 10:55 AM.

    I am a little confused as to what you mean by SMPTE ready... the camera records SMPTE timecode regardless of which mode it is in... are you referring to cameras that are genlocked? This is a but more difficult since the camera are not genlock'ble... One workflow was discussed on this forum several times. That is to line up all the cameras side by side and set them all to TIME OF DAY recording instead of record run. Use one remote control to set the timecode for the cameras. Use whatever time your doing it as the SMPTE timecode. For example, if you are setting the cameras at 7PM, then enter 19:00:00:00 as the time. It is a late running concert past midnight, then just set it to an earlier time so you don't run into going over the 24 hour mark in timecode. What matters most is that they are all set at the same timecode at the same time.

    Now the issue is getting your garageband to jam sync to that timecode. I don't know how that is done. And it alsi requires that you have a master clock. This will not work with the remote control method stated above. You can record LTC to the DV cameras on an audio channel but then each camera would require an LTC generator, upping your costs.

    Another way is to have a timecode slate runing timecode which is feeding the LTC in of your garage band, Whenever a camera stops, it will need to shoot a few seconds of the slate when starting up again.