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Panasonic's AVCHD and potential problems with Avid

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    Panasonic's AVCHD and potential problems with Avid

    There seems to be some issues when importing Panasonic's AVCHD files to Avid MC, at least those from hacked GH2.

    I haven't yet experienced them because I haven't yet bought the GH2, but what I read some days ago got me worried. And further questioning seems to confirm that there's a serious incompatibility there.

    Can anyone tell me if they are using this combo (hacked GH2 + Avid MC) and how the problem was solved, or not?

    I shoot on P2 cams, but those I know who do shoot on a hacked GH2 and ran into that problem, did one of two things: Instead of import transcoding they used Avid AMA and then transcoded those files, and if that didn't work they used something like Toast or squeeze to transcode the files into a different file type (using the DNxHD codec in the settings) and then either import or AMA them into Avid.

    I don't know if you heard but AVID just announced Media Composer version 7, so hopefully whatever the issue is/has been will be resolved in that (if not already, I know it was an issue in MC 6 and I'm not sure if 6.5 fixed it.)
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