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Upgrading to 6.0

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    Upgrading to 6.0

    I have the educational version of MC 5.5, which gives me 4 years of free upgrades.
    Anyone know the procedure for upgrading? Also, any reason I should or shouldn't upgrade at this point?


    There is an upgrade link on the avid website (I can't remember what it is right now).

    Once you purchase you will be emailed a new serial. You will also get access to the avid download center, where MC6, Squeeze 8, and AvidFX can be downloaded. You will not need to have MC5.5 installed prior.

    Downsides to upgrading?
    - You must have OSX Lion 10.7.2 installed (if you're on mac)
    - You will lose your license of Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) because BCC8 is not free with Avid anymore
    - there are going to bugs present which were not there in 5.5, the scope of which I cannot comment on

    Upsides to upgrading?
    - the tabbed-bin interface is way way better than MC5.5
    - If using a very FX heavy sequence MC6 tends to chug along faster than 5.5

    I am using MC 6.01 and like it better than 5.5, although the only notable difference for me is the tabbed bins.


      Thanks for your detailed reply.
      And not having Lion makes the decision for me.
      I'll wait until I upgrade to Lion (no rush) and a few bugs get worked out of 6.0.