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complete and utter n00b question

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    complete and utter n00b question

    Hey guys,

    This will probably be a dumb question... but i have been wondering it for a while now and would appreciate it if someone explained it to me!
    So the only camera i've owned is a Canon digital camera - you plug it in, transfer the footage to your computer, start editing. Pretty simple right?
    So my question is you know those film cameras they use in the movies? How do they work? Is it as simple as plugging them into a computer and starting to edit (because i thought it was all captured on film?). I have heard some movie editors say they use Avid so i thought i'd post the question here. I guess i'm just confused as to what they do with the film once they've shot everything. And is sound shot seperate to the video?

    Thanks alot

    no worries i got it all explained now
    head on over to for anyone who need some educating like me lol