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Question for all you Media Composer Users

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    Question for all you Media Composer Users

    Is there anyone out there who has multi-cam junk footage that I could use to practice subclip grouping. I'm trying to get a job as an editor for a docu-drama series and I need experience with grouping. I've read tutorials, but I'd really like some hands-on practice. I know it's asking alot, but PM me if you can help. It would be a great help to an up and coming editor.

    Is this not the appropriate place to post this request or is there just no one who does multi-cam work?

    Or is it the 4 post count? lol

    I'm still trying to learn. Reading stickied resources as we speak.


      I think (at least in my case) that anyone handling proper multicam footage is probably doing it for a client that forbids this kind of thing. I can't exactly hand off footage from the upcoming television series that I'm cutting.

      That being said, multicam is overrated. Many editors (especially old school ones) just want all the layers on a timeline. No grouping or multi-grouping for them. The multi-cam feature is usually only useful when both cameras are starting/stopping around the same time...and often that is not the case.


        Ah, I understand the need to not release a client's footage, but I was just curious if anyone here had multicam setups that they wouldn't mind sharing a few shreds of junk footage. I suppose that's not really possible, according to what you say.

        I have a friend who works in reality TV and they deal exclusively with grouping and sub-clipping. I just felt that it'd be a valuable skill to learn since I'm just starting out.

        Thank you for the information.

        I'm just looking for resources to start training myself enough to uphold an entry-level editing job.



          I have worked jobs where they have used multicam and some where they have not. It depends on the workflow. The last gig I had (reality tv) the layers were stacked on the timeline, as tfg said... Are you looking to practice editing content or just technical stuff with MC. If it's the latter just practice with any two clips.


            for all amc users

            i have axp 5.7 with mojo. i want to upgrade to amc. do i need the upgrade or the full blown system with another mojo?
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              I kind of wanted to do a bit of both. I'd like to walk confidently into an Avid-centric job interview and be able to sound confident in my abilities. I'm really trying to get into the editing world professionally.