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workflow for working with a remote editor.

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    workflow for working with a remote editor.

    Im a youtuber and I've started working with a remote editor and I'm looking for a way to streamline our workflow. Im hoping someone might be able to offer up some suggestions.. Thanks!

    I Shoot the video in 4k on Fs5
    import into FCPX, do a rough cut (basically take out the really bad stuff)
    I grade the footage and do an audio EQ (i have a specific set of luts and colour corrections a copy and paste)
    Export the video in 4k (we keep in 4k so the editor has some room to scale/zoom in on an HD timeline)
    I use wetransfer to send the 4k file to my editor (file size is usually around 13gb for 25 min video)
    he edits it in premiere pro and sends back to me.
    I upload to youtube.

    Ideally Id like to remove me as the bottle neck and send the card files to the editor but the files are so big it would take so long to upload and download. we usually have around 30 mins or footage) Plus I have the grade set just how I like it FCPX and he works in pp so it wouldn't be that straight forward to replicate in PP but its not impossible. So i figure If i need to encode the files to smaller size i may as well import to FCPX and copy and paste grade & EQ but it takes time to import and then export and the upload.

    Is there anything obvious you can see that would make this workflow more efficient?

    Im not totally against using premier pro if it would help the situation, my editor wouldnt be able to switch to fcpx. As much as possible id like to remove myself from the process or cut down time I spend on it.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Is working in proxy an option?

    And to be blunt, your editor should know how to deal with this.
    Peter Bosman


      I think any way you look at it you're going to have to spend time somewhere unless you two can physically meet to exchange the files.

      If I was interested in removing myself from the process (although it sounds like I would still have to do some work because of the circumstances), I would dump everything into a FCPX timeline (straight from the cards) and export a compromised (have to) high-quality master and he/she would then just take over everything from there. In this case, you'd still have to upload something but you wouldn't have to do any editing. You would also have to teach him/her how you like to color, how you edit the sound, etc. because there is simply no way around it otherwise you're just back to doing it yourself.

      The biggest problem you have here is the file sizes. If you were working in HD, you could probably transfer all of the raw footage straight from the cards and everything may even end up being smaller in size than the current edited 4K file you're sharing.


      With that said, I know several YouTubers (decent followings) and I can guarantee you all of them have a local team.

      Side-by-side...picking shots, cutting, coloring, audio; everything.

      Eventually that may have to be the best solution because working with people far away isn't easy for anyone.