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Is it just me or is Resolve a bug party and everyone's invited?

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  • ahalpert
    Bugs in Premiere drove me to FCPX and I haven't looked back. I started using FCPX 6 or 7 years after they released it, so I imagine it may have been buggier initially. But now it's a smooth ride. I enjoy it and find it tremendously fast to work in. I need reliability.

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  • jmone
    FYI - "Addressed out of order frames when decoding certain XAVC clips" was fixed in 17.3.2 and from memory it was found and fixed in about 1month. In-between they recommended just installing the prior version in the forum post on the issue.

    Video Help keeps a good running changelog at

    I've personally never done anything "special" in regards to the Database (apart from backups). I just install the new version when prompted. I actually find Resolve also very responsive even on on my UHD HEVC HDR 50fps projects and don't bother with proxies etc. The only time I don't get real time previews is when adding heavy effects like Noise Reduction etc. Then again I'm running on an i9-11900K / 64GB memory / nvme drives for editing and a 3090 GPU (24GB mem). The same rig was unworkable with a 1660Ti as it only had 6GB of memory with these clips.... it was a nightmare. The upgrade to the 3090 transformed my experience with Resolve.

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  • Andy9
    Thanks for your responses.

    "One of the patch releases did have "glitchy exports as if occasional frames are being repeated" for MXF files when exporting at a different resolution than the timeline (fixed in the next patch and was on their forum)."

    Yes, that sounds like one of the bugs I've had. Until the latest clean install I've repeatedly updated the Resolve database (starting with Resolve 15, I think) so maybe this can account for some more of the unreliability. Also that glitchy interlaced export bug was exporting to XDCAM422 so possibly Resolve doesn't do so well with legacy codecs (or interlaced).

    So maybe I've been inadvertently prodding Resolve in areas where it's vulnerable?

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  • jmone
    I find Resolve on Windows very stable and oddly bug free. Over the last few months, I'd say there have been two bugs that impacted me:
    - One of the patch releases did have "glitchy exports as if occasional frames are being repeated" for MXF files when exporting at a different resolution than the timeline (fixed in the next patch and was on their forum)
    - Issues with the Speed Editor on the pre released version of Windows 11 - it ended up as an Intel Bluetooth Driver problem that has since been fixed.

    Apart from that (touch wood), it's been great.

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  • cyvideo
    Well, my experience has been diametrically opposed to the issues you have experienced. Mind you I'm on a tailor-made home built overclocked Windoz 10 ASUS box with an Nvidia graphics card. Not one problem I can recall other than maybe half a dozen program hangups since v11 when I really started to get interested in Resolve as its NLE side developed. A couple of times along the way I have done total clean installs after using Revo Uninstaller Pro as I wasn't that knowledgeable about Resolve and any over the top installation issues. Basically these days I just install new versions over previous and so far, touch wood zero issues. Zero issues running Resolve or exporting from it, even ProRes exports on Windoz using Vucoder, It's far from a standard Resolve install as it's running a wide range of plugs from New Blue, Revision Effects, Red Giant, HitFilm and Film Convert plus a number of other video OFX plugs along with a host of additional VST audio plugs from Waves and Isotope. Stability and trouble-free video creation have been the order of the day.

    Is anyone else having or reporting issues similar to yours on Mac systems? Especially the new M1 Macs?

    Chris Young

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  • Is it just me or is Resolve a bug party and everyone's invited?

    I've been diligently trying to switch from Premiere Pro to Resolve (studio) for about 18 months (mainly because of poor mac performance). After a decade on PPro, Resolve feels like editing with gloves on but this was expected - a different UI, different shortcuts etc. What I didn't expect was one show-stopping bug after another pushing me back to Premiere. I've edited / graded 4 or 5 small projects on Resolve and I'd say I've had about a 30% success rate.

    In the last 18 months I've had;

    - glitchy exports as if occasional frames are being repeated. This project did not involve frame rate conversion.
    - audio dropouts on export that were only solved by bouncing down the audio.
    - glitchy exports (white squares on some frames) when converting 50p to 50i.

    A couple of these projects have been completed by sending them back to PPro through XML. So I've done the rough cut in Resolve and then the finishing in PPro, hilarious!

    I read somewhere that Resolve doesn't like the database being upgraded many times so when I got my new computer (M1 Max Macbook Pro) I started fresh with a new database and immediately had that last problem (glitchy export of 50i). Previously I was on an i9 intel Macbook Pro.

    So what's going on? Is my Resolve activation code cursed? God knows I've had my share of problems with Premiere over the years but it's actually been pretty stable for me since at least PPro 2020. Even at its worst, it has never completely failed me with anything like this frequency. Worst case - you can usually get a decent export out of it if you trash preferences and sacrifice a passing goat.

    Yet the intensity, volume and direction of online complaining would suggest that PPro is much buggier than Resolve. Is Premiere just being held to a higher standard?

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