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Colormatching 5D4 and FS7 II

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    Colormatching 5D4 and FS7 II

    So... I wanted to see if you could make something usable between these two cameras. It was fun to see where the two differ in the interpretation of colors, but I also ended up wondering "why the hell these colors?!"

    Sony and Canon are both Japanese right? What is the basis of their different interpretation of colors? It's merely a question of patents? And which do you believe is more "right"? I'd say that Canon probably gets closes to real life colors, but then add too much red in their files...
    But I really wish they were closer in resemblance.

    The top chart was shot with the 5D4 with a 24-70 2.8L II in c-log. C-log completely desaturated.

    The bottom chart was shot with the FS7 II with a Fujinon MK18-55 2.9 in cinegamma s-log3.

    Assuming that the Canon has better colorscience, these are the hoops that seperate the two. Its like one of the two companies specifically twist red, yellow and green a lot and blue and skin color ever so slightly.

    After de-slogging and WB, all changes were made to specific colors with hue vs hue, hue vs sat and hue vs lum.
    I ended up resetting the general Sat node... What do you think? Is this close enough? And will the Sony footage hold up to additional grading after this? I would expect to "fix" the shots used the least. This was just to see how close you could get in a Canon / Sony setup.


    And here's the other way around... 5D4 matched up to the FS7 II where the only thing done to the FS7 footage is manual de- slogging (contrast and WB).

    Tried applying a film look afterwards to both clips and the 5D4 footage seems to hold up in this case. 5D4 footage up top and FS7 down below.

    Feel free to ask for both LUTs if you have any need for them, will happily mail or we transfer them without charge. Format: 3D cube