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HPX250 vs Canon XLH1 ?

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    HPX250: HPX250 vs Canon XLH1 ?

    Okay, I know it may sound like a silly question but which of these cameras would be better for events? The main reason for the comparison is that they both have a huge lens on them, and both are technically 4:2:2 capable, although the HPX is ready out of the box for this.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but the Canon back in the day had the biggest baddass lens of all the other cameras in its price range, but it was also considered "too expensive". Not only did the 20x lens was great for long distance subjects, but apparently fairly good on its wide end too, which is where the HPX loses out.
    Most event gigs are usually low budget, so I think it could make sense to buy a used Canon specifically for events and get a more versatile, higher quality lens ( at the expense of better features than the HPX250 offers )

    Low light is another thing to consider, I don't think Canon fares too badly here

    Heres my take. Dont go backwards in tech. the 250 will shoot P2 cards and hot swappable, plus you can use the new P2 micro to save costs on media. 4 audio channels also. So if the budget is tight look at a 130 then, not as good in low light, but everything else is almost the same as the 250 (lens, settings, etc). Stay away from movable media (tapes) as it can have issues overt time and the media costs more as they stop making it. I use a 250 for low light live events and I love it. If you go with the Canon and get a external recorder then tack on another $1200 or so, as it must use a SDI connector. Hope this helps.
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