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What's up with the 60 Gb P2 cards?

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    OTHER: What's up with the 60 Gb P2 cards?

    It's either P2 a dying format or Pansonic is shrinking down the standard 64 Gb to 60 Gb P2 to start the process. I'm puzzled by the fact that they have AVC-I 200 and even at AVC-I 100@60P, each 64 Gb P2 card can only fit about 35 min (no proxies). Not sure what is the logic behind this. In the past, DVCPRO tapes have been 66m, 124m. A few minutes over the normal running time. Helps tremendously in where a few minutes is all it takes not to span on the 2nd card. Still don't get the product marketing here. Where is the 128 Gb P2 to fill in the AVC-I 200 and 60p AVC=I 100?