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HPX250- I need a fisheye and a fluid head tripod HELP

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    HPX250: HPX250- I need a fisheye and a fluid head tripod HELP

    Hey guys, i need some input. Im in the market for a fisheye lens and a fluid head tripod for my hpx250. Id like to spend no more than 500 or 600 on both of them combined. For fisheyes ive been looking at the opteka hd2 .4x 72mm, but everywhere i go it is out of stock or back ordered. Is there any other lenses i should look into? And for tripods i need something that would work well in the cold, preferably a fluid head that has variable tension. Please give me some input!


    These folks claim to have the Opteka fisheye in stock:

    I think you should look for a decent used tripod to find something in your price range that will do justice to your HPX250.

    - Greg


      yeah i called them they lied haha, i just ordered the opteka .4x 72mm off B&H even though its back ordered until nov. 20. I also went with the magnus vt 4000 which comes with dolly and pan bar. Seemed like a good choice, i know it doesnt have variable tension but i should be able to switch the heads in the future and upgrade to a manfrotto. Opinions on my choice?