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    GH5 bracketting options

    Hi everybody, it's been a while since I visited this forum!
    I remember how useful it was when turning my GH1 to a GH13 back in time ^^

    Unfortunately my GH1 died and I replaced it by a GH5. Happy enough for the use I have (VFX and CG projects), I also noticed the bracketting shooting allows use to go from -3 to +3 EV vs -2 to +2 EV on the GH1, however this range is not enough for good quality HDRI environment capturing. Do you know if there is a way to override this setting and go from -5 to +5 EV or even greater?
    with a special firmware update or with a connected app on a smartphone/tablet?
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    the GH5 should have a bit more DR, so youd have 12+stops DR native, and then the -3+3 for another 6stops, totally 18stops DR ….in theory

    i suppose environmental scenes can surpass that, but are you trying to prevent clipping in the sun or cheome surfaces, or something? i’ve been quite impressed with 14stops a lot of the time, and feel 18stops would serve you well.

    but -5+5 bracketing would take the guess work out of exposure, as you’d have 22stops DR there abouts?
    is it important to not clip the sun, and have clean shadow detail under cars or something? genuine question


      i have a GH4, will test it out.

      also if you haven’t read the user manual, there is this youtube:


        Thanks for your answer!
        The more stops and light information, the better in the generated HDR file for 3D rendering purpose. Of course if the captured images are totally burned in white of full dark, it's useless.
        This week, I'll try to shoot a comparison between a 360 HDR created with the GH5 and one with a Ricoh theta that can go way more than 7 pictures captured.


          Please excuse my long silence, things have been pretty busy at work, the curse of working in 3D CG industry ^^

          I have some update about my issue that was not really an issue. I figured out a solution by using the Lumix Sync app on my phone to control my GH5, now I can shoot 2 series of -3 +3 EVs without touching my camera. The only issue I have is to manually jump from from 1 shutter speed to another in the app to get my whole -6,5 to + 6,5 EV series. I wish there was a way to shoot that in one row.

          Here is a preview of my folder with the captured pictures. With that much exposures recorded, my 3D render will have a perfect look + the image resolution will beat any micro 360 camera results at the price of a longer shooting time, of course.