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Anybody use the CX350 as a Webcam Yet? I can't get it to work...

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    But not with the new USB tethering (it will have one cable but it will have a wireless connection after that)...that's what I am trying to say.

    The camera is being hardwired to a network - the phone, your phone, which you can velcro to the camera.

    Think of the phone as a router or modem in your house.

    The camera is hooked up to the phone through one USB cable through its native USB port, and then can stream in remote locations (provided that your phone has a strong signal or at least enough bars for it to work decently well).

    This isn't exactly 100% wireless, but no adapter is necessary in this case.


      I see what you saying. I agree, it is a nice feature they added. Most of us would prefer a wired connection for anything when it comes to streaming stability.


        Yeah, no doubt about it - but at those lower data rates like the e.g. aforementioned trivial 20mbps it's effortless for the phone.


          Actually going to backtrack a optimism is based on if you have unlimited data and preferably a 5G phone. lol

          At the end of the day it's nice like you said, but this method won't be too practical for extended streaming in everyone's life.


            You are correct. Nothing is very practical in streaming outside of a wired land line!


              For HD, many will be able to drop the wires in a year or two or so in most major locations.

              All we need is just a bit more speed (5G and beyond).

              People will continue to update their phones and buildings.

              Not sure where you're located but several companies down here by me in NY - before the pandemic - were already streaming high school sports with iPads (obviously ones with a phone plan in them).

              Any connection issues/drop outs weren't the problem; it was the device that was being used by inexperienced students and staff not knowing the basics of videography and how to film sports (but they were saving money and providing a live feed for parents at work so it was all good).


                I have found that the perpetual battle (probably even with 5G when it arrives) is with the carriers and data throttling. They have a financial interest to not give out the data. I was filming a baseball game out a ways from town and after the third inning we were bumped down to 3G. That is why I do not want streaming to stay around as a fad. It is just a mess in ways we have no control over. Even indoor wifi can be total crap.


                  Hey, that sounds like something the cartel would do!

                  But can it be...having financial interest over providing a proper service or product?


                  That is actually a very great point; sustained internet speeds.

                  Something less than 1% think about because it's not a common task to be using your maximum up/down all day.

                  It would be interesting to test.


                    Yes, it is outside the usual usage of normal people. If they do use anything sustained it is to watch video (download) and that can be variable without people even noticing. It seems nobody likes uploads when it comes to bandwidth. I remember back in the DSL days when only download speeds were quoted and uploads were basically non-existent. And, "speeds" are often talked about, not sustained speeds. In many ways, the deck is stacked against consumer level live streaming.