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EVA1 Shutter Speeds for 1080i50

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    EVA1 Shutter Speeds for 1080i50

    I have just purchased an EVA1 and cannot seem to set a shutter speed of 1/50th of a second for 1080 interlaced acquisition and transmission...

    I have set system frequency to 1080 50i as I need to use this broadcast standard for an upcoming shoot and it will only list a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second as the lowest speed possible.

    I also tried to add a custom shutter speed and it stopped at 1/50.01 and wouldn't go any lower...

    1/50th shutter speed is the default that I have used since forever on all manner of cameras so I am perplexed about how to fix this problem.

    Can someone please advise me regarding this issue. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Maybe check if there is an increments setting? (There was another similar post the other week but for a much different camera and that did the trick.)

    Or try changing to shutter degree and see what happens, or other framerates, frequencies...or maybe reboot the camera. Anything and everything to troubleshoot.

    Do you see 1/50 in other modes?


      Hi NoBro

      Thanks for your suggestions it is much appreciated.

      I will look into them when I get the chance but currently have a lot of work at the organization where I am employed.

      We use Sony PMW-350 and Z750 cameras both if which default to 1/50th shutter in 1080i50 as does every other camera I have used over the years for broadcast and event coverage.

      I will set the shutter angle to 360 degrees and see how that looks for motion cadence but I just find it bizarre that I don't see an option for 1/50th second when looking at shutter speed options.



        Also I have updated the firmware from v3.00 to v4.04 and it was the same for both versions.

        I have also completely removed the horrible LCD and replaced it with an EVF and don't have access to the HOME button menu...

        Really like the camera so far other than this one issue.


          I have discovered that all you need to do is disable the electronic shutter...after thoroughly reading Barry Greens excellent guide to the EVA1 I came across this information...

          Generally, when shooting video-style footage, you will turn the electronic
          shutter off, which results in the most light hitting the sensor and results in
          a shutter speed that’s basically the same as the system frequency (i.e., about
          1/50 shutter in 50.00i or 50.00p, and 1/60 in 59.94i or 59.94p).

          Thanks Barry


            Archaic, ha...his books are def so good though.


              Agree, Barry is missed.