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Power Adapter Compatibility DVX (or) HVX

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    Power Adapter Compatibility DVX (or) HVX

    Hi Gang

    Hoping I have the right place; (as many older camera inquires are dismissed or inactive). I wanted to purchase a back-up power adapter for both my Panasonic DVX100 and Panasonic HVX200. The existing power adapter (on hand), for the DVX100 is the DE-811. It also works for the HVX. I couldn't find the exact unit (DE-811) on Ebay. Instead I picked up a Panasonic PV-DAC11. The polarity is correct but the voltage is slightly different:

    Voltage for DE-811:
    8.4 - 1.2A (Charge)
    7.9 - 1.4A (VTR)

    Voltage for PV-DAC11:
    8.4 - 1.2A (Charge)
    7.8 - 1.4A (VTR)

    Will the tenth of volt make any difference (I don't thnk so), just checking ...

    Thank You!

    Very small difference, will work as well as the other one. These minor deviations are most likely due to different application engineers writing the two specs, not real life functional differences. HTH
    Alex Dolgin
    Dolgin Engineering
    Camera Power Solutions
    New Four Position Charger for Canon BP-A60 Batteries / EOS C300 Mark II cameras


      Hi There adolgin!

      Thank for the Re-Assuring reply .... and nice to see there still folks around here!

      My Best!