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HVX meet Sandstorm, sandstorm meet HVX

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    HVX meet Sandstorm, sandstorm meet HVX

    Was shooting a music vid in the Deserts of dubai a couple of weeks back. Me dangling out of a van getting a guy running, me in the back of a tiny car getting a guy running.. and ofcoarse me lying down pointing the camera up.. yeah gettin the guy running. Anyhoo the music vid looks great and as soon as i can figure the best way to upload video il show it to yall.

    On last day of shooting, it was a bit windy. Bah it was ok, wanted to finnish the project. Well it got a little too windy for my liking, and i came out of that shoot lookin like somone had sculpted me out of sand.

    The HVX, well, i havnt got the guts to look at it ever since that day, a month back. It covered in sand etc. the lens, cover, outside, eyepeace, dials , buttons knobs.


    My main concern is the lens, the glass, best way to clean it removing sand etc. And the moveable parts, the camera is covered in what i would say is easy to remove micro sand, but i die when i hear the crunch when zooming.

    how to go about this?

    I think your best bet to send it to a Panasonic Authorized repair center sounds like major crap..
    Kendal Miller
    Coffee falls into the stomach ... ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop ... the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similies arise, the paper is covered with ink ...
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      they barely know this camera exsists man, i was the first person here to get it haha. The exact day it arrived. The guy thought i was mad, not to mention the parents haha. I dont think theres anyone more qualified than me here. If the have to send it away, god forbid how it will come back.

      has anyone else cleaned the camera, what product do u recomend.


        Cleaning is one thing externally but if it is as bas as you say then I would be scared of what internal damage was done and that needs to be handled by an expert, and if ANY sand got on the actual lenses chances are its scratched and would need to be replaced.
        Kendal Miller
        Coffee falls into the stomach ... ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop ... the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similies arise, the paper is covered with ink ...
        -Honore de Balzac


          I would never have considered getting that shot without a UV filter on the lens, and in this particular case I would have considered it a throw-away item because it will get pitted from the sand.


            Heh good point. I dont think its that bad tbh, the hvx is very well sealed etc. I took it out now and its not bad, only sand on the outside of the front of the lens, and a bit of sand inside the zoom and focus cracks. As for UV filter, is there one for this lens size available anywhere?

            Its not bad realy, mabe a dust brush will do most of the work, the lens. But i need mabe a pin or something to get the sand from the cracks.
            Im very sceptical about giving this to *an official panasonic service centre* this aint America boys. Ive sent my canon SLR 3 times now to the *service centre* still not fixed.


              Yes, 82mm UV filters are readily available, I have one on my HVX for general lens protection. B&H has numerous choices available, but there are other sources (I got my filter from the Filter Connection).


                i think il give it to panisonic to deal with firsl, but if they start talking weeks before return i cant wait that long, idealy i wannna be back up and running within 2 weeks.

                How long has cleaning taken for you guys?


                  911! The Show Must Go On...

                  Find a shop vac, The big one with a 2 in. hose. Make or buy a small funnel and tape it to the 2 inch hose, This makes a powerful and high speed vac. Do not blow the dust it will go deeper in to the lens servos. Do not use the Mini-DV under any circumstances until Pany cleans it. Vac the lens until your arms hurt. If you hear grinding in zoom the servo gears are dusty but should not hurt if used softly. If focus is issue, I think all moving parts are inside sealed lens and only the electronic control is exposed to the dust.

                  However, a large 2 gallon Ziplock baggie the storage size will save you all this heartache. Put the camera in the Ziplock and cut a hole at the end for the lens hood. Leave the Zipper at the back so you can change out P2 Cards. Where the Ziplock bag was cut for lens, tape closed on outside of lens hood. Where the lens hood connects to camera just put gobs of vaseline, so the microdust does not enter. Protect Lens with 82mm UV Filter, also vaseline the threads on the UV filter. This will also 99.9% protect from rain, dirty fire smoke, salty beach beach mist. Cost $1.00 US and can fit into your wallet. Think of it as a HVX200 condom. Remember to practice safe HVX.


                    can i water wash the lens hood, eyepeace rubber and plastic cap. I think i can, haha,. Man i wish barry would do a guide to cleaning an HVX

                    even for day to day stuff


                      haha a vac with a 2 inch hose, hmm, may have one of those. Tape funnel, lol i see i see makes sence..... ok... ok.... HVX condom... .... .... ....

                      right... vaselene, ofcoarse......


                      Man the guy at the convenience store is gonna have a great time..

                      *woman enters with a shady black cap* Hi id like a small nossel and a tub of vaselene please.... oh and a twix..


                        If you can't send it in...
                        First gently brush the cracks always holding the brush on the lower side so anything falls DOWN.
                        Then use compressed air. Again, so everything falls DOWN. Gently at first, then gradually get the air stream down the cracks.

                        We got a Formatt clear filter to protect the lens.
                        Loved the HVX Condom comment.
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                          Hi Digital Angel,
                          Just read ur dilemma wit hthe desert sand. I am in the same situation currently with my DVX 200. Did u get ur situation solved? What did u do?