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Who's Using the HVX? Here's a list!

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    Who's Using the HVX? Here's a list!

    Who's using the HVX200? Just a few Oscar-winning directors like:

    Peter Jackson. Best Director for "The Lord Of The Rings"

    James Cameron. Best Director for "Titanic"

    Steven Soderbergh. Best Director for "Traffic"

    Francis Ford Coppola. Best Director for "The Godfather II"

    Clint Eastwood used Sony Z1s and HVX200s for some beach-landing shots in Letters From Iwo Jima. Liz Radley, one of the camera operators for Letters for Iwo Jima, describes using the HVX for "extensive behind-the-scenes shooting, and occasionally used it for image capture intended for the movie, and some of those shots are in the final cut of Letters From Iwo Jima."

    Rob Legato, Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor for Titanic (and Oscar nominee for Apollo 13), as well as vfx supervisor for Harry Potter and The Aviator and lots of other movies, mentions about using his own HVX in the making of Martin Scorsese's new gangster movie "The Departed".

    Other notable users include:
    Kevin Smith. Sundance and Cannes and Independent Spirit winner

    Venice and Berlin festival winner Brian DePalma used the HVX200 for portions of his new film Redacted.

    Multiple-Emmy winner J.J. Abrams, producer of the $25 million Hollywood film "Cloverfield". HVX200s were used for about 1/8th of the film.

    Three-time Sundance winner Marc Singer.

    Anthony Dod Mantle is well-known in the indie film community as one of the most innovative video shooters, having lensed the first of the Dogme95 films ("Festen") and the mass-market-released XL1/DV feature "28 Days Later". He's won numerous "Best Cinematography" awards for various films including "Julien Donkey Boy", "28 Days Later", "Dogville", "It's All About Love", "Festen", and "Menneskedyret". Mantle is using the HVX on a new doc-style film.

    The Kendrick Brothers, who made "Facing The Giants," used the HVX200 for the driver POV shots in their new film "Fireproof."

    "American Pie" and "Final Destination" producer Warren Zide is teaming with filmmakers Adam Muskiewicz and Dan Bliss on the independent documentary "The Truth About Elvis".

    Michael Gondry, one of the top music video directors in the world and director of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" used stock HVX200s for his latest Bjork music video.

    ASC-nominated cinematographer Laszlo George is using the HVX200 exclusively for 2nd-unit work on CW network's series "Reaper".

    Academy award winner Attila Szalay, DP of "Reaper", used the HVX200 for portions of his television miniseries "Iron Road" starring Peter O'Toole and Sam Neill.

    Michael Single, Emmy-winner for "Antarctica: The End of the Earth: Iceberg" on "Nature," PBS, currently shooting with the HVX at the South Pole.

    Peabody award-winning director of photography Mark Smith documented the 70th Anniversary Amelia Earhart Expedition.

    NBC TV series "Friday Night Lights", primarily shot on Super16, is using the HVX in SD and HD modes for "video" scenes and other b-roll.

    NBC's also airing HVX200 spots shot by our own Charles Papert, starring Jerry Seinfeld, in primetime. The spots are also available at

    Graham Leader, producer of "In The Bedroom" produced the new $1,000,000 feature film "Childless", starring Barbara Hershey and Joe Mantegna. It was shot entirely on the HVX in 720/24pN mode.

    Levie Isaacks, ASC ("Malcolm In The Middle," "Dawson's Creek") used the HVX200 for special insert shots in the feature-length film "Bring It On:In It To Win It".

    The Iditarod sled dog race, the most grueling distance race on earth (1100 miles through the Arctic terrain of Alaska, in temperatures ranging to 50 degrees below zero) is using exclusively P2 to document the 35th annual Iditarod race. Five HVX200s and five HPX2000s are traveling the entire 1100 miles documenting every stage of the race, and the footage is being edited and posted immediately for almost-live coverage. Panasonic also sent two teams with HVXs to document the process the shooters are undergoing.

    HBO is using two HVX200s and two VariCams on their series "De La Hoya - Mayweather 24/7." DVXUser member Jeff Fisher of is working on the series, and also used the HVX for NBC's "Dew Action Sports Tour", which earned a 2006 Sports Emmy nomination.

    Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series has used the HVX200 as well, for the episode "The Screwfly Solution" starring Elliot Gould and Jason Priestly.

    National Lampoon's RoboDoc was shot primarily on the VariCam but used the HVX200 also. Best Friend Films produced it; it stars Alan Thicke and was directed by Stephen Maddocks with cinematography by Stephen Campbell.

    The Wounded Marine Careers Foundation is using HVX200s to teach wounded soldiers for new careers in the media arts.

    Samson Chan used his HVX to shoot for ESPN's telecast of the World Figure Skating Championships, and a music video on Wimbledon's Centre Court for ESPN's Wimbledon coverage, and segments for ABC's coverage of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

    The #1 highest-rated show on PBS, "America's Test Kitchen" uses five HVX200's shooting DVCPRO50, and recording to FireStore FS-100s.

    Ron Garcia, ASC, is using the HVX in the TV show "NUMB3RS":

    Multiple Emmy winner Art Howard used the HVX200 for an Arctic documentary for International Polar Year.

    Jim Lindsay, Shane Ross, and Emmy-winner Kevin O'Brien are doing an extensive documentary on The Mexican-American War for The History Channel;

    Austin Smithard used the HVX200 to shoot "Marine One: The Presidential Flight", a documentary covering six decades of Marine Squadon One's assignment of flying the "Marine One" helicopter for every U.S. President since Eisenhower. The film premiered on the big screen at the National Marine Corps museum in Washington, DC, and an hour-long version is being considered for broadcast. A two-minute version will be playing on the White House's official website.

    Seven-time Emmy winner and winner of the Sports Emmy's Lifetime Achievement Award Bud Greenspan is using the HVX along with Varicams to produce the official documentary retrospective of the 2006 Torino Olympics, which will air on Showtime in early 2007.

    DVXUser member Jay Redd, Senior VFX Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks (and Lighting DP on the new Spielberg/Zemeckis film "Monster House" and 2nd-unit director on Sony's "Stuart Little 2", is using the HVX with a Redrock M2 for a film this summer (stay tuned for more details).

    NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, researched all the available HDV cameras and HVX, and picked the HVX; they're buying a bunch of them.

    JapanTV (Nippon Terebi) is using the HVX for field shooting.

    USA Network is using the HVX in their show "The 4400".

    Dave Lezynski is using the HVX intercut with Sony F900 CineAlta cameras on the ABC show "Sons & Daughters"; Scott Williams, the DP of "Sons & Daughters", is also using the HVX in conjunction with the F950 HDCAM-SR camera for a Touchstone show shooting in Vancouver.

    DVXUser member "holleywood" who works for Panavision in Vancouver, BC reports that the HVX is frequently rented as a B-camera or C-camera for the Viper, F900, F950, and HDX900. Some of the shows he listed that are using the HVX for a B-cam or C-cam include a Thompson Viper show called "Operation Espionage" with Wesley Snipes, and other shows they send out HVX's too that use them for C-Cam's: "Kyle XY" (F-950), The 4400 (F-900), The L-Word (F-900), Journey to the Centre of the Earth (F-900), Pain Killer Jane (Viper). He also tells us that it's being used as a C-camera on "Stargate Atlantis"; primary cameras are HDX900s using FireStore FS-100s.

    Peter Kagan shot a national commercial for Subway sandwich shops on the HVX, featuring Heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush.

    Timur Civan landed the contract with the New York City Mayor's tourism board to shoot their promotional footage, all on the HVX. Timur submitted a demo reel of HVX footage shot using the SGPro 35mm adapter, and was competing against large companies shooting on film. According to Timur, his test footage "blew 'em away" and he landed a year-long contract.

    Evin Grant worked as D.I.T. on a national commercial for a huge auto parts store, directed by one of the biggest commercial directors in America. They used the mini35 on that spot as well.

    Music video director Matt McDermitt (director of videos for The Backstreet Boys, etc) just used the HVX for a music video for Mike Patton (of Faith No More).

    Hitachi Data Systems hired DVXUser member Verko to create a series of spots starring Mr. T, shot on the HVX:

    Jarred Land's HVX was used for some greenscreen shots that were transferred to 35mm for inclusion in the middle-eastern theatrical release of Spielberg's five-Oscar-nominated "Munich".

    Jarred and his camera were used with Jargon for "Vanished", the new Josh Berman/Mimi Leder ( of CSI fame )20th Century Fox pilot (

    Jarred also shot a Boxing Documentary on the HVX with Rob Schneider.

    Todd McMullen (DVXUser member "Endmarks") is currently shooting a two-hour television movie for the Lifetime cable network, all in 1080p mode on the HVX.

    DVXUser member "Xhenchmen" was lead camera operator on the MSNBC series "Warrior Nation", using his HVX to document Mixed Martial Arts and the rising popularity of Ultimate Fighting in the U.S.

    DVXUser member and freelance director J-P Balas ( employed D.P. Noah David Smith ( and his HVX to shoot four national commercials for The History Channel, for their series AMERICAN EATS.

    Apple Computer and the Telluride Film Festival used HVX200s to podcast and document the 2006 Telluride Film Festival (

    DVXUser member Phil Hamer is using the HVX exclusively to shoot a reality series about surfers on the north shore of Oahu for Fox Sports' FuelTV channel. The series is produced by Redsquare Productions.

    DVXUser member Michael Alberts used the HVX on episode 3016 of Fox's huge hit show "House." Alberts is also using the HVX (and VariCam) for 13 episodes of "Boneyard," a show on The History Channel.

    The Weather Channel is using HVX200s:

    The Iditarod organization and the Versus network (formerly Outdoor Life Network) is using HVXs and HPXs to document the arduous dog race.

    The NFL's Miami Dolphins are using the HVX for interviews, in-game features and special events, and playback on their super-sized stadium video screens.

    The New York Film Academy bought HVXs for their film school.

    JC Penney is using the HVX and the Varicam to produce instructional videos, etc., for their 155,000 employees.

    News and broadcasters are adopting it rapidly. The BBC used the HVX to shoot all their ENG coverage of the 2006 Olympics, the Fox network is using P2 exclusively at all network owned-and-operated stations, Raycom has over 85 HVXs at their 21 television stations; NDTV (New Delhi TV), the largest private producer of news and entertainment in India uses several dozen HVXs, New York 1 uses the HVX for all its one-person news crews (over 25 reporters), and several other major networks and broadcast groups are converting to P2 gear, such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, New Zealand's TV3, and several other members of the top 25-largest broadcast groups in America, including Cox, Nexstar (46 stations in 26 markets using P2 in 2006), Media General (20 stations), Sinclair Broadcast, Scripps Howard Broadcasting, and Liberty Corp (15 network stations).

    Panavision, the pre-eminent film and motion picture rental facility, has bought HVXs for their Panavision and Deluxe facilities worldwide.

    And let's not forget that our own Evin Grant has done two national commercials on it, and our own Jay Nemeth is DP'ing a national broadcast infomercial on two HVXes right now for Prudential Americana real estate.

    This list will be updated as we become aware of more high-profile users and high-profile projects. If anyone becomes aware of another user or project they want to have added to the list, send me a PM.
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    Hmm, I seem to have run out of space and can't make that first post any larger. So, I'll have to start another here.

    George Romero, of "Night of the Living Dead" fame, is using the HVX200 for portions of his $15,000,000 zombie film Diary of the Dead.

    The HVX200 was used to film the Iraq portions of the Oscar-nominated documentary "No End In Sight."

    Yet another Oscar-nominated documentary, Alex Gibney's "Taxi To The Dark Side" used the HVX200 as a b-camera to the main camera, a VariCam.
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