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PHX170, I know that's noisy, but...

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    PHX170, I know that's noisy, but...

    Hi everyone!

    Im from Chile

    I know that it is older problem, and I know that probably many of you no longer have an P2 170

    I read the entire threat "HVX200A and HPX170 "noise" testing results", and I discover that I have similar problems.

    I work doing Live production, for concerts and live shows, in a little scale.

    I have a custom made Tricaster like, with a Macpro and blackmagic decklink's.

    A few months ago, after being owner of some AVDHC cameras like Panasonic HMC40 and JVC HM100, and working with a friend's Sony XDCAM EX1, I bought a second hand HXP170.
    I was really excited. I had read many reviews, and all major companies en this business spoke very well about this camera..

    In the first show, we see a extremely noisy image (720P60, 3200K, 0db gain, 1/60 shutter) . Since we didn't perform a full functions review, we supposed that something we're missed
    Back in office, we did an extensive review, and we realized that the DRS was turned on.

    Last weekend, In the second show, with the DRS off and after doing a menu reset, user reset and scene reset, we still having the noise problem. Even in day light.

    No matter if the zoom is in or out, or if the object is far or near, always we see blurry image, like an 480i up conversion...

    It is feel like if always the gain is on, even in 0db. In the show, even with the F11 iris, we obtain a sometimes a over exposed image.

    We tried changing the recording format and the output format

    Even if you see carefully, you will able to see the noise in the camera LCD

    I have tried the Coring +2. It helps, but no much..

    I have to say that, as soon we apply some compress to the recording, he noise down a lot

    Did you guys solve those issues?
    Any tip or clue, please?

    Attached are a few sample videos, Im will be so glad if you guys can take a few minutes to watch it

    Best regards

    You didn't mention what scene file you are-were using. A bad scene file recipes will kill everything good this older cam can do. If the scene files are stock Panny, that isn't good either. Since you have a good way to live monitor, play with the parameters and find some recipe that looks better. For me, a higher contrast setter like b-spark really helps if you are at issue with noisy blacks. If you can find a copy of the Barry Green book about the 170, it will be a valuable resource about this and the 170 in general, highly recommended. He is a moderator here and may still have some for sale.

    Excuse me, make that B-press as Barry mentioned below.
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      Also, you will never want to shoot the 170 at an aperture smaller than f/8 as below that, significant softness will creep into your video. Use your nd switch to reduce the light. F/4 is the sweet spot for the lens.



        Thank for answer.

        Well, the scene is 1, the default one, I guess

        Like I said, the camera was full reset.

        Did you see the samples?


          The stock scene file 1 is very bland, lacking contrast and a video look. Might be the worst ever. It also might be the best scene file if you are going to color grade. I would really suggest that you work on this, since it is the difference between terrible and capturing the classic Panny mojo.


            If there is one simple instant-"mojo" fix for an HPX170, it's to change to B.Press gamma. For color grading, I'd recommend using Cine-D gamma.
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              Thank for all answers

              Guys, please, can you download the samples videos and tell if this behavior is normal in my HPX170, or maybe it is damaged?


                Here is 2 frames from the videos
                Attached Files
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                  Considering that the screen grabs are backlit, they look ok, except that as I have been trying to say, if you want to get away from the noisy dark areas, you need to increase your contrast. Also, the noise will be worse in underexposed places like your background. The 170 can't see in the dark, it likes light, and if you don't increase the contrast, underexposed areas and blacks will be noisy. It is simply how the cam is. If you don't work with your scene files, know about them, tweak them, love them, you'll get nothing from the 170. Can't help you if you aren't listening.

                  Grant out


                    Hi ggrantly

                    I'm listening!

                    I'm newbie with the 170, and like I'd say, my experience is limited to some AVDHC cameras, and the EX1, which is almost free noise.

                    I'll do what you say, but before to move forward, I wanted ruled out some hardware failures.

                    Thank you again


                      I haven't used the 170, but have a good amount of experience with the HVX200 & HVX200a. In short: the chips just aren't great and that is being very forgiving in 2015.

                      They were amazing for 2005 when the HVX200 came out. When the HVX200a, HPX170 & HMC150 were released in 2008 they were fine. But by 2011 when the AC130 / AC160 / HPX250 were released, the older chips looked like crap by comparison.

                      Best way to make a HPX170 look good is to not put it next to anything with higher resolution chips. Also, light things well & the camera will look as nice as it possibly can look.
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                        Well, panny is gone...
                        Got an NX5

                        Thanks for all your help, cheers!