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Firestore to HVX connection

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    Firestore to HVX connection

    I am looking for a clean and simple solution to making a stable cable connection between my firestore and the HVX. Nothing more frustrating that having to tape a cable in place so that it does not move around and disrupt a signal...

    The firewire cable connection at the camera body is not the best setup I have ever seen. Any suggestions? Perhaps a clip in?

    I use the right angle connection that came wiht the firestore and haven't had a problem yet. I use a rubberband to keep the 6pin snug on the firestore and it works just fine.

    There's also this that seems to work nicely, I myself haven't purchased it yet but from what I hear it's great:


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      Other than what is mentioned, there isn't a good solution.

      Panasonic took the easy and cheap way out when electing the 4 pin connection and placing it where it did.

      There is no reason for this whatsoever in my view, and my view is generally shared.

      Even the Z1U had a 4-pin that was recessed and not readily accessible.

      So you're mind of on your own. The right angle works well as does the custom made accessory linked above. In any, tie off the cable to the cam as well.
      David S.

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        Forum member Siniarch has a product called the Firewire Saver (FWS-01) that leverages the audio connector to lend additional strength to the Firewire port: