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AVCCAM Viewer for a 64 bit system

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    AVCCAM Viewer for a 64 bit system

    So, I was all amped up to start using the metadata features in my new cameras, but.... After struggling with the instruction manual and finally figuring out that the AVCCAM viewer is needed to use the features, I download it. Then, I have a message pop up that says its not supported by 64 bit Vista. Any other alternatives for a 64 bit machine?


    xp 64? same problem here.


      scratch one more for me here. vista 64

      i have about two hours of footage that i shot which needs to be edited. tried vegas pro which kind of works but always crashes during renders or if i scrub through the timeline. tried premier cs4 which crashes when loading avchd.

      system is a 790i evga ultra, 6gb ddr3, quad core q6700, BFG GTX 260 OC.

      bump for an answer to our problems


        I've been using it without problems. Version 1.0E. Do you get the error on install or running it? Might want to try downloading the latest copy to see if there is any difference.

        Marduk, the Premiere problem you are having is unlikely caused by the OS. I tried CS4 in 32 and 64 and had the exact same crappy results. Some clips work, others freeze up bad. If we don't hear something good from Adobe at NAB in a few days, I guess we should assume they gave up and moved on to CS5.


          The meta data files are just simple text files with some fields. I wouldn't even bother with the software if you only need it for editing these files.

          1) If your card doesn't already have this directory, create it:

          2) Open a new text file and paste this in:

          MetaName=Test Meta Name
          UserClipName=Test Clip Name
          Creator=Test Creator
          LastUpdatePerson=Test Updater
          Shooter=Test Shooter
          PlaceName=Test Location
          ProgramName=Test Program Name
          Reporter=Test Reporter
          Purpose=Test Purpose
          Object=Test Object
          Person=Test Memo Creator
          Text=Test Text Memo

          3) Edit the contents as needed. You only need to keep the lines that you need. Above is a file that came from the editor with every field filled out. You might even be able to put your own in there. I usually only use these:


          4) Save file with a name of MTDT00.P2 through MTDT09.P2 (10 possibilities) in the directory mentioned in step 1.

          5) Load on camera. Try to remember which one you need since it only lists them by filename. You have to load them one by one and then view the info just to see which is which on camera.


            i got it to work. installed as admin and it worked. downloaded the installer again off panasonics website. i think i had a bad file.
            Mcsmooth thanks for the info. i guess we'll wait to see what adobe has to say.

            someone really needs to come out with something that can handle avchd.


              Looks like various members have been waiting for 64 bit. I see from the download area that three years later, ACCAM viewer still does not show support for W7 64 bit but I will try the download and see what it says.


                Premiere Pro CS5 / 5.5


                  Still no 64bit support it seems.

                  I went ahead and installed the software despite the warning message. Now when I try to write the metadata to the card, it doesn't recognize the files. I am assuming this is due to the 32/64bit issue.

                  I will try Mcsmooth's suggestion next, just wanted to try the official way first.

                  Any progress on this issue?

                  Thanks, all.