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Hmc150 vs dvx200 vs gh4

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    Hmc150 vs dvx200 vs gh4

    I own 3 cameras (from oldest to newest) HMC150, DVX200 and GH4.

    I love all three of them, although I don't use the HMC very often any more. I recently shot a play with all three cameras. Below are stills for comparison (Note: the GH4 was shot wider than shown and cropped in post.)

    While I love how the DVX200 & GH4 look, overall, I feel like the HMC150 holds its own.

    DVX200 - Left side
    HMC150 - Right side
    GH4 - center


    GH4 4k cropped.jpgDVX200 4k 100mbps.jpghmc150 HD.jpg

    I'm looking at that on my little phone but I think it's remarkable that a camera about 8 years old can even be discussed among newer cams such as those. Glad to see they all work together. I still use the hmc150 for theater / dance / events


      I sold my HMC to help fund my DVX (which I just sold since business demands have changed). I miss that little thing. By far one of the best cameras I have ever owned. I complete workhorse.


        Sold mine recently too and was sad to see it go. Reliable as heck, a pleasure to use.