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Can the HMC151 record from hdmi?

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    Can the HMC151 record from hdmi?


    this might be a very stupid question, but does anyone know if there is a way to record a liveinput from HDMI onto the HMC151?

    I have a bizarre problem with special video created on a videoserver (hippotizer) for a performance, and I need to get this video into a file, so it can be played from other computers. The videoserver only outputs live. It cannot render the video into a file.
    I remember the old dv-cams, and they could record a livestream onto the tapes via firewire.

    Can the HMC151 do something similar via HDMI or some other thing?

    I hope someone has an idea how to do this,


    You need a video capture card for your computer, or an HDMI recorder like the Atomos Ninja.


      I tried it before. No go. Good news though...The atomos ninja star compact hdmi recorder is on sale at BH for $175 for about 11 more hours. It can take in 1080 30P and record to pro res


        Thanks a lot for the answers... Then I wont spend more time trying to make a vcr out of my HMC151.
        The Atomos Ninja looks really great. And a great offer. Unfortunately I am based in Europe, and would have to pay import tax and VAt on top, so it probably would end up the same price as original in total.
        Qlab, which would play the final videofile can both play Prores (which the Atomos makes) but also H.264 which a lot of the cheaper "gamer" recorders use. I have been looking a bit on various ones, f.ex : AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable, which records directly onto a sd card:
        or Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder :

        Do anyone here have any experience with these?