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DVX200 - is this still a relevant camera? 10-bit or not?

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    I still use a Sony AX100, mostly for family and Youtube projects in development, and I just love it! I'm coming from years of using a Canon GL1 in high school to a DVX100 and GL2 in college to a little 1080p Canon HV20 in my film school projects before the Nikon D90 and Canon 5D Mark II changed everything. This year I've even gone and bought a Canon XL1S and DVX100B for nostalgia's sake as well as a little project I'm putting together so getting the most out of camcorders is something I've grown accustomed to in my filmmaking journey. I'll admit that I do wonder what it would have been like to film my multi-award winning web series, "The Review - A Fatal Frame Fan Film", with the Sony AX100 instead of the Canon 5D Mark II just for the 4K quality as I feel the 1" sensor would have served the film well despite it's not being full frame. Honestly though I just didn't have the funds for 4K at the time and I already had my HD 5D Mark II and SJ action camera kit ready to go and figured out but with all the awards it seems to have turned out well!

    A DVX200 would be a nice step up if I wanted another 4K camcorder but I'm personally waiting now to see if they do an 8K camcorder as the AX100 does such a great job being a 4K camera I would absolutely jump at an 8K version. Now, as far as camcorders versus hybrids or full on pro solutions, I know there are people out there still looking into HD gear and even being willing to pick up SD camcorders like the XL1S and XL2 so a 4K and 10-bit capable DVX200 should last and last for quite a while. If my AX100 were capable of 10-bit, I would be absolutely over the moon about it but I know I need to step up to the more expensive Z series to get that or go with Canon but if I'm spending that much at this point just for 10-bit then I might as well get a used FS700 or GH5 on the cheap or a little more for a Panasonic S1H or Blackmagic Pocket 6K and even the FS7 cameras are dropping down now too. So, I would say, if you like using your DVX200 and it delivers the images you want, then by all means keep using it but if it's going out for professional jobs I would definitely look into getting an external recorder to get that 10-bit out of it because just as I list those other used camera options, you may face a demand for 10-bit very soon for maximum image quality in this 4K+ HDR world.
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      Originally posted by Zack Birlew View Post
      I would definitely look into getting an external recorder to get that 10-bit out of it because just as I list those other used camera options, you may face a demand for 10-bit very soon for maximum image quality in this 4K+ HDR world.
      I've been using a Ninja V on my DVX200 for the better part of a year. It's been a great investment to add function and value to a (relatively) dated but otherwise very competent camera. The new camera merry-go-round gets tiring after awhile, it's nice to extend the operational and performance life of a existing capital investment.


        Originally posted by emilian View Post
        Hello all fans of DVX200

        I have been able to get 2 of these beasts at a great price.

        I have been filming primarily on Blackmagic Pocket and URSA, so I am used to work "cinema style" with switching prime lens, instead of Zoom, etc.

        Tried the DVX200 on a couple of jobs and it did pretty well, like it was much faster to setup and shoot. But the image quality of a 8-bit codec was lacking in comparison with the Blackmagic RAW.

        That is the reason I listed 1 of the cameras on Ebay at a very low price.
        Even though, it seems there is not much of an interest to this model at this point, no potential buyer has come up.

        So I am looking for any feedback, do you think it is still a relevant camera in this age of RAW codecs and big sensors?

        I know the DVX200 can output 10-bit, but never tried it. Does it make a big difference in the image quality?
        Look it's nice to shoot with 10-bit but the reality of the fact is that much of the broadcast world is still living with 4:2:2 in 8-bit. One format that is still used extensively around the world is Sony's 50mbps, MPEG 4:2:2 8-bit codec. 4:2:2 8-bit with a decent camera font end still produces really good images. If what you are shooting doesn't require a large amount of post manipulation 8-bit is fine for the majority of work.

        A camera ops we we sometimes are own worst enemy in forever chasing this elusive "perfect image" that we think we all have to have. A lot of camera purchases are driven by "want" and peer pressure of feeling left behind. Camera kit purchases should be driven by the requirements of the job. Sure if you can afford to go 10-bit with a camera or 10-bit externally and it helps your workflow and image then yes go for it. I've often mixed the good old 50-mbps XDCam footage with 500/600mbps XAVC footage ad nobody has picked the difference if it's all exposed and composed nicely. Seriously I wouldn't be losing any sleep over the 8/10-bit issues unless there really is a perceivable increase in the quality of images from whatever camera you are using. A high end good looking 8-bit camera image is still going to kill an average quality camera shooting 10-bit.

        Chris Young

        Nine year old 50mbps 422 8-bit camera footage off a 1/2" chip camera and this was before the XAVC 10-bit upgrade. Still more than acceptable for many jobs.

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          Great insight! At the end I opted for a 10-bit workflow, but only because I am very fond of color editing, etc. I know that 8-bit would do just fine, its just, the piece of mind tho