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Copy to USB Stick?

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    Copy to USB Stick?

    On occasion I have a client that wants footage right from the camera delivered ASAP. This is a great use of the DVX200's USB capability and I have used external hard drives to do this.

    I tried a few USB sticks and the camera rejects all of them as soon as I plug them in. I've tried USB2, USB3, exFat, and Fat32.

    Anyone ever been able to copy directly from the camera to a USB stick? If so, can I please get details?


    Don't think it can work. I recall reading somewhere that only an external HDD can be used. Panasonic even published a list of "tested" hard drives, though I've been using an "untested" one for a few years with no problem. Not sure what the difference is between a hard drive and a USB stick, but the USB sticks seem to be a no-go.