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Pink cast on PIX-E5 external monitor

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    Pink cast on PIX-E5 external monitor

    I am using a Video Devices Pix-E5 as an external monitor. The color of its screen is a little pink compared to the LCD EVF of my DVX200. I ran bars from the DVX200 and the colors are perfect on the DVX200 screen, while pink on the PIX-E5. Therefore, I conclude that the screen of the PIX-E5 needs adjusting but I don't know how to do that.

    On the PIX-E5 there is a v-log setting, V-Log REC709, supposedly used for Paasonic cameras. However, it delivers a pink cast.

    I explained the issue to the mfg, Video Devices (Sound Devices), and got the folloiwng response which I don't understand.

    They wrote, "When referencing V-Log File to obtain correct color, are you referring to a LUT that will help reduce the pink in the monitor? If so, we're not aware of a file that can provide this as we have not heard other cameras having a pink tint. An option that can be performed is creating a cube file to remove the pink you're seeing."

    Has anyone else experienced the pink cast on a PIX-E5? Can anyone explain how I can eliminate pink cast on my PIX-E5?

    Thank you.