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JVC HR-DVS3U MiniDV/SVHS deck report

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    Originally posted by NorBro View Post
    You would need a legacy capture card with the correct I/O. Something like this (but not necessarily that model as I don't know if it will work for your hardware and situation):

    Or an AV output conversion to HDMI (via AV to HDMI converter) that you could also very easily use with an external recorder (that's what I do).

    As far as software, there are about 100 different ones made in India and other countries...would have to experiment which ones works best for your sources and particular setup.


    With all that said, it is 10000% easier to purchase a mini-DV camera on eBay for $50 and capture via FireWire, especially if you already have FW. If not, there are $25 FW to Thunderbolt adapters which I used on Macs with FCP X and QuickTime (assuming you have TB).
    I have a similiar card to this and the Blackmagic Media Express software that comes with it is ok for capturing the video. Can use DaVinci Resolve (free) to edit it from there.