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Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

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    Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

    As of 11/23/06, the following are some of the many AUTHORIZED PANASONIC DEALERS in the US:

    ABEL CINE- DVXuser discount applies






    Digital Video Group - DVXUser discount applies

    FULL COMPASS - DVXUser discount applies (if bought from Shawn Tallard, be sure to ask for Shawn)








    As of 11/25/06, the following are among the many NOT AUTHORIZED DEALERS:
    A&M Photo World,
    Abe's of Maine,
    Banana Boat Camera,
    Beach Camera,
    Best Buy PCs,
    Best Digital Online,
    Best Price Cameras,
    Brand Namez LLC,
    Broadway Photo,
    Butterfly Photo,
    California Cellular,
    Cameras & Electronics,
    Central Digital,
    Century 21 Electronics,
    Chumbo Corp,
    Computer Online,
    CompuVest Corp,
    Digital Delivered,
    Digital Liquidators,
    Digitally Unique,
    Digital Mega Store,
    Electrified Discounters Inc.,
    Express Cameras,
    Monitor Outlet Inc., and and
    Foto Connection,
    I Buy Digital,
    Infiniti Photo,
    Leo Barnet,
    Mr. Accessory,
    Onix Electronics,
    PC Nation,
    Atman Inc.,
    Preferred Photo LLC,
    Prestige Camera,
    Profeel Marketing, Inc.,,
    Real Deal Shop,
    Red Tag Savings,
    Sunshine Electronics,
    The Twister Group,
    Trio Computers,
    Tri-State Camera and Computers,
    TV Authority,
    TVs Depot,

    Note: an unauthorized dealer does not necessarily mean a scam shop, although all scam shops are inherently unauthorized dealers. Some good companies are on the unauthorized dealer list, but some very bad "Crooklyn" scam shops are on there too. For U.S. customers, buying from an authorized dealer ensures that you will get the full manufacturer's warranty, as well as the free "Magic Bullet Editors" software and the DVX Book/DVD, and any rebates and special promotions.

    If you buy from a non-authorized dealer, you may or may not get the manufacturer's warranty. *If your box does not include the "Magic Bullet For Editors" software or the DVX Book/DVD, you *will not* have a US warranty, and you will *not* be eligible for the rebate. And if you buy from a "scam shop" you'll be lucky if you get anything at all other than a headache and the knowledge that you've willingly given your credit card number to a "business" that makes a regular habit out of lying to and cheating its customers.

    And for those who are still tempted, who they'll save a few bucks by going with the non-authorized reseller, we recommend you check out a few sites: - here you can read reviews on the aforementioned stores, and decide if they're really the kind of place you want to spend your money,

    and - here you can see pictures of the storefronts for some of these places, and *really* decide if they're the kind of store you want to send money to.
    Manhattan storefronts, at
    Camera stores in other locations,
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    Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

    I bought a DVX from and have had it serviced under warranty.

    Admittedly, I thought it was an authorized dealer at that time-all went well. maybe it WAS? hmm. I've never had the repair place ask me about where i bought it from. they just want a receipt to confirm the date.

    Anyhow, nothing unusual about it.

    I bought another camera, paid about $400 more from Armatos, and that is fine also.

    Anyone (from the retail industry-"good boys" and the "graymarket" folks, no heresay) with details on what exactly "graymarket" is, it would be nice to know. Have heard lots of interesting theories on this..


      Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

      Pookiehead, I also bought my DVX-100 from Buydig and got major warranty work performed [ new drum + ] ! Has anyone in the forum not been abe to get warranty work on their DVX? In regards to explaining what gray goods are.........................I used to own and operate a electronic accessories wholesale co. We were lowballers......We sold tons of Maxell and TDK audio tape at 7-10 % over cost! We had gray goods competitors who would set up shop in any country where they could buy direct from the U.S or Japanese manufacturer at a ridiculous discount because of the real buying power of the nation [very depressed economies] " Africa " These new african companies would then ship millions of $ of product to their parent companies in the USA via container ship! They would often be able to sell the identical product with a different wrapper for less than what we bought the products for as a major legitimate wholesaler and still be able to make a 20% + margin!!! The principle is basically the same with any product!
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        Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

        Pookie, Mort,

        Did you have any problems with the actual purchase at Buydig? Get the run around, late and/or overpriced delivery?


          Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

          I know that most of the guys at Buydig can seem aggressive because they're from Jersey and New York area, but it's just an accent !!! They seem very busy on the phones taking orders! I've had nothing but very good experiences with them..............They even replaced the original camera [DVX-100 ] after20 hours .......Got a flashing Warning signal that wouldn't go away! I shipped it Next day Fedex and they shipped at no charge Next day Fedex back! Oh well I was and might still stick to the authorized Panny dealers in future because of the constant warnings on this forum about dealing with the 'Others' ! But Buydig has been very cool to me ! They are not like dealing with Rush............not anywhere near as knowledgeable but appear to be good businessmen!
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            Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

            How about They say they are an "Panasonic dealer" - are they authorized?
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              Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

              Here is another one for UK and rest of Europe:


              All the best



                Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                Another for the US:

                Doug Bischoff
                Ceridwen Productions


                  Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                  Studio Exchange is authorized.
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                    Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                    can i buy a warranty for my cam from a store that did not sell me the camera.
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                      Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                      Thanks for the links. I'll be buying a DVX100A next week and needed this info.

                      Hi everyone, I'm new here :-)


                        Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                        hey Zombie, welcome


                          Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                          [quote author=araujofh link=board=nws;num=1091645002;start=0#6 date=08/05/04 at 04:44:32]Here is another one for UK and rest of Europe:



                          Strange...On the head the tech info of the camera says it is 100A with 24P/30P feature...further down they are describing the features of a PAL model.

                          they really need to at least LOOK more professional.

                          this unfortunately is the tragedy with most European dealers.


                            Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                            [quote author=Häakon link=board=nws;num=1091645002;start=0#5 date=08/05/04 at 03:00:38]How about  They say they are an "Panasonic dealer" - are they authorized?[/quote]

                            They are an authorized dealer.
                            Jan Crittenden Livingston
                            Panasonic System Communications Corporation
                            Partner Sales Manager, NY and NJ


                              Re: Authorized Dealers - Where to buy

                              Hi, you can guess who this is...

                              thanks for the explanation- unclemort

                              Rogue Crew:

                              I didn't have any problems with buydig. my camera arrived as promised (remember tho, is almost a year ago) If you call and know what you want, you avoid lots of strong-arming. You have to remember all these people answer the phone because its their JOB. their job to sell stuff too.

                              We also got major warranty work done-I don't know how to describe the problem, but it was major. ( gyro-something

                              If I had to buy another camera, I put them on my list of potential sellers, however, there are some very good "authorized" dealers I now buy regularly from and keeping that good relationship is pretty important to me also.

                              I felt pretty good about getting my first camera from Armatos because they do a little bit of "hand-holding"and explaining. They have a great reputation and rightfully, should be able to bank on that some. That said, if you are on the west coast, their famous "loaner policy" ( due to the costs of shipping) doesn't always make much sense. That is partially what you pay extra for. You also get yearly head cleanings, but again- have to ship, insure, worry about shipping and insuring..) My original sales person is not there anymore, but I actually do keep in touch ( because he shoots also).

                              In any case, no matter where you buy from, you should always be sending it to an authorized panasonic repair place-and they really don't have anything to do with where you bought your camera.

                              my favorite thus far, is Fox Valley Video Service (  No matter how careful you are, you will someday need to send your baby away for at least a check up.--and of course, then, you probably won't be calling your dealer about that, would you?--