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Is it even worth buying a DVX100b at this point?

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    Buy the HVX. Even if you shoot only SD in dvcpro50 the 4:2:2 willl blow the dvx out of the water. It shoots such lush looking color.


      I just bought my 3'rd new DVX and there seems to be plenty of stock in AUS & NZ.

      Now, in two years time when brides actually start asking me for HD, it'll be a toss-up between JVC GY-HD or HVX cams - for now it's too soon to even worry about that.

      Soooooo damn happy with my DVX cams!!


        I agree with Barry, if the DVX100 is still going to be sold they will have to lower the price. Bigger rebate or something. The A1 has to be cutting into DVX sales. So unless they are going to release something new the price really needs to come down. I'm holding out.

        I looked at used DVX's and I think those prices are to high. Why not just buy a new one? The price needs to drop to $2,000 or less. If not the A1 sounds like the better deal.


          I'd love to see a price drop. I don't think we have rebates anywhere in the UK. It's about 2K or almost $4000. We'll have to see.
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            What about something really bold? A HVX 100, no tape deck. DVC Pro and HD all the way and all for $4000. Two advantages a) they make a push for the P2, more volume more affordability and they expand and consolidate the format and their market share;
            b)they crush the competition , even the chippest local broadcasting outfit would not resilst it, and that's a lot of custommers in the US and around the world .

            It may sound crazy, but aren't they already selling the 200 for $5000 with a P2? And The deck is certainly a costing component in their manufacturing process.
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                I think the DVX 100B is still a good camera. It's just a little over priced


                  I was having the same problem, but I bit the bullet and was glad I did. I got mine from Abel Cine with the DVX user discount. I got it for $3,407 shipped to my door.


                    Yeah it is still an awesome camera. I went ahead an ordered the HVX200 though.
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                      To each their own, but what other cameras did you look into before jumping from a DVX to a HVX? Was money an issue?

                      Ive been looking at these two cams but then the A1 forums were making alot of noise so I checked that out. It's definitely in the right price range, at least for me, but even now it is too close to NAB to actually buy anything at this point. But thats just me, everyone has different uses for their equipment not to mention in different financial situations. Enjoy your HVX.


                        Well I am aware with the other cameras out that are competing with the HVX but none of them can really compare. The P2 cards are a way better format than other companies are running, considering its only going to get better such as more memory on the cards as well as their price dropping. I am aware of canons HD model, it is a bit cheeper but their compression isn't as near as native as the HVX's. The only bad talk that is going on is from sony about the HVX and its because they think their HD format is better than the P2 cards, while many people are switching to the P2 cards. I did a lot of research this past few months and the HVX and by what I read it is by far better than other HD model cameras on the market in its price range. But this is just my opinion and I feel happy with my choice in camera. Most of it is just personal preference.
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                          I'm not the original poster but, 2 main things (as well as a few other factors) sold me on the HVX:

                          1. P2, A complete digital pipeline.
                          I've been doing CG and digital art for so long that involving an analog step (minidv tape) to integrate it into live footage didn't really make sense to me. I can handle a file based, and even framebased workflow. Working with and organizing 100s of thousands of files doesn't intimidate me. Terrabytes of backed up data doesn't either. I don't have a lifetime of tape based workflow experience to keep me in a tape based comfort zone, in fact I think I specifically waited to buy a solidstate camera because I see it as one of the last steps in the "analog/digital divide"

                          2. DVCPROHD and DVCPRO50 shoot to 4:2:2 color, HDV shoots 4:2:0.
                          The only camera options for shooting in HD in a similar price range as the HVX shoot to HDV. HDV uses the same minivd tape and use mpeg compression to get to tape. and not suffering from HDV compression and color loss. The clean CG rendering out of Maya and Max just looks way better when integrated with smooth footage shot on the HVX.

                          On the other hand DVtape is cheap and disposable and currently has longer recording times. Unless you can afford the overhead of a bunch of P2 cards, shooting long format live events and sports can be more challenging for those with a non-professional budget. You can't just use one tape and continiously record. I shoot mostly shot based footage, so I have plenty of time to swap out cards or have one offloading while shooting the other. I think I adapted to the formats recording length because I still remember changing BetacamSP every 18 minutes. Once the 16gb and 32gb P2 cards come out that may a non issue.

                          Keep in mind I am not in the professional budget category, nor the starving student category. If you have a budget behind you then your purchase choices would obviously lean towards the more robust tools, and if you were in the student category then you would obviously be trying to get the most bang for your buck. Therefore your need may vary from mine. I chose highest quality image and color depth, and sacrificed cheap and easy tape formats to do so. I never have to digitize though, and backing up data is easier, cheaper and faster than backing up tape footage.
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                            Yes, it's larger. But I wouldn't consider calling it "ridiculous". The pictured HVX is not the final production model, either.


                            Originally posted by RyanKR

                            this is a good picture, I don't know if you have all seen it but look how much bigger the HVX is than the DVX. Its ridiculous.
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                              The original question was about buying a DVX at this point in time. At least "almost" everybody seems to agree that the dvx is overpriced compare to the A1.
                              I am sure Pana is aware of that. For me the question is when to buy an A1, and I choose to give Pana a chance to announce something for us at the NAB.
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