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Hi, guys I'm new here

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    Hi, guys I'm new here

    I used to go on all the time, but now I sold my Panasonic 3ccd cam. Just wanted to say that this is an awesome forum and I wanted to get a dvx cam. It shoots in 24p and that is a selling point for a filmmaker, but I'm a newbie when it comes to these cameras. I'm just going to ask a couple of questions.

    1 - Why is the red camera considered so revolutionary? Is it worthy of a big upgrade from the dvx100 cameras? Because I'm thinking of buying those.

    2 - The dvx100b is the successor of the dvx100a right? Doesn't shoot in hd though but 24p right? Would the dvx100b be good for me? Basically I want something that shoots in 24p, true widescreen, good low light, and everything.

    3- The hvx200, does it shoot in 24p?

    4- Is it worth it to shoot in hd now? Or should I wait a couple of years until it becomes standard? You know I can always get a headstart.

    Thanks guys.

    1- i dont know anything about red its supposed to shoot all sort of framerates so i guess thats why its revolutionary.
    2- the 100b is the successor to the 100a no hd but 24p
    3- the hvx does do 24p
    4- hd is tricky it depends on your demand are ppl asking you to shoot hd for them.
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      Welcome aboard! There's a wealth of information on the forum using the Search feature. I've done that to find answers to even the most obscure questions! Unreal how much great information is buried here.

      I'll try my best, but there are others here who are MUCH more qualified than I.

      1) It's main benefit is shooting resolution and chip size. 4k, 2k, 1080, 720, 480. (The first two are film industry standards, next two are standard HD formats, last is standard def). It can shoot any of those. The larger chip gives it a depth of field identical to a film camera, since it's a full 35 mm sized chip. The DVX is a 1/3" chip (just in name, not actual size), so you'll have a harder time getting the same depth of field. It's possible, though, as many on this forum have shown! The Red camera not a worthy upgrade right now for the ONE simple reason that it's unavailable - it's still being developed. It will also be a bit more expensive (I think $17,500 ballpark for camera only). So if you need a camera now, between those two, the 100b is the only choice.

      2) The 100b it is the 100/100a's successor, yes. However, it does NOT have true widescreen. It uses a very good squeeze feature, but the chip is not widescreen. It is the swingout LCD that is widescreen, so you can watch what you are filming in a normal 16:9 aspect ratio. The 100 and 100a do not have this feature.

      3) 24p, 30p, 60i, 12p, 60p, the list goes on. Do a quick search, the HVX can shoot from 12 to 60 frames per second. That's a strong selling point. Some have even modified it to shoot 2 fps!

      4) That's up to you. You're sure to get 3 different answers to this yes or no answer!



        Unless you have clients who demand HD or you are shooting a feature with a ton of backing, I would wait on the HVX.

        Looks like you are really new to the concepts of 24p. Run a search to learn some more. This forum has everything you need to know, but do your homework before posting a ton of questions.