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What will the footage look like?

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    What will the footage look like?

    What if you shoot a movie normaly.. not 24P... what will the image projected on the big screen look like? Would it run fast or slow or what?

    Originally posted by Jbadham77
    Would it run fast or slow or what?


    I don't even know where to begin on this one.


      well. first of all you need to understand the concepts of the video format. "24p" isnt a literal term. it doesnt mean it actually changes the way the video is recorded, it kinda only simulates something for a desired effect. there are still actually more than 24 frames per second being generated, but it records whole frames in a pattern to create an effect of 24 fps

      if by "big screen" you mean an actual FILM transfer.. then well, if you dont shoot in 24p your frames are gonna be interlaced. unless you shoot in 30p in which case you could transfer only some of the frames... but that would be awkward.

      if by "big screen" you mean a digital video projector like a DLP or LCD one.. then it would look just like video.

      you have to understand that all the shooting modes "24p" "30p" and 60i record to the same format, its just what they record that is different.


        True apart from the fact that 24p, 24pa and 30p are progressive mode and 60i is interlaced.
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