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My Short Has Shortlisted at Vancouver Film fest

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    My Short Has Shortlisted at Vancouver Film fest

    Shot on DVX100, my short "Walking 2 Watch" has short-listed at the 2005 Vancouver Film Festival 1 minute film competition. The film is 59 seconds with credit roll. The catch was the film had to showcase, in part, the new theater on Semour at Davie Street.

    I swore I would never enter one of those 24/48 hour stupid film-making contests (my opinion). But then I got this idea with 2 days to the deadline and then went nuts, shooting, composing original music, playing accordion and writing/directing and editing. I know - I am nuts and have been bitten by the bug. Winner takes $2500 in film/services from Kodak.

    "Walking 2 Watch" juxtaposes Vancouver's superficial fitness trends with eastern european music reminiscences and voyeurism. It suggests, subtextually, that all filmgoers and film-makers have one thing in common - we all like to watch.

    Now if someone would tell me how to put the film on my website I will upload it. The film definitely has warts - I think production value wise it has lots of holes, but conceptually it is playful. But you guys can give me wart feedback and whatever else and that would be great.


    upload it here and then start a thread with the link to it
    Twitter: jayscorsese