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So how did you afford your DVX?

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    Originally posted by TMerry View Post
    At the time I bought my first DVX I was using a Canon GL1, it was two days before a short film shoot and suddenly it got a hot pixel. So I was forced to buy a camera and have it shipped overnight, Then learn how to use it for next days shoot. It was my Dvx100 and I fell in love with it. (which I'm selling this week on ebay, part of the ongoing story) I put it on a family members credit card and then sold LOTS of music gear to pay them back over the next month so they wouldn't get a bunch of interest charges.

    It seems like everything cool I've ever bought, I had to sell tons of other things to cover. Some people can afford to hang onto everything they buy for a lifetime, not me LOL!

    I'm buying a 5D MkII this month, and to get it I'm selling a precious Ibanez Chrome guitar, a Nady wireless, a nice watch, a 24 track digital recorder, a wad of cash, and finally... My DVX100.

    The cycle of life continues :-)
    I don't know... I could NEVER part with and axe....although, if I sold my 1970 Fender Jazz...or original Dan Armstrong... hummmmm.......
    Now you got me to thinking! Thanks T.



      Bought it used.

      I bought my DVX100 used from a professional videographer who was renting it to me. I had 2 gigs lined up and paid it off in less than a month.


        Finally got one (DVX100B with 67 hrs.) off E-bay. Couldn't afford new one so had to wait and wait until prices came down (after three years)...


          well lets see i worked at wendys for about a half a year the quit then got a job developing film i got my dvx for only five hundred it was well worth it but the job at wendys was about the wost thing i have ever done with my own life i really feel bad for all the people that have to go through with what i did and i was only sixteen when i did that now i just feel shooting this was a really good post to just express yourself and just vent off the steem of getting a good camera