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    I just started a new job as a video producer/editor for a US government agency, and one of the cameras we have is a Panasonic AG-AF105A. It is a Micro-FourThirds, single-sensor camera that can shoot 1080p and record it on SD cards. It uses Micro-FourThirds lenses -- we have the 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses.

    I have had Panasonic Lumix GH cameras for many years, and have several Panasonic lenses, so I'm interested in trying my lenses with the AF105A.

    I contacted Panasonic US about the AF105A because I wanted to be sure it has the latest firmware. I was told that it was a "gray market" camera and was never sold by Panasonic US. They could not help me with my question about the firmware, and my note to Panasonic Japan has not yet been answered.

    Does anyone know anything about the AG-AF105A? As I said, it works and we expect to use it in certain situations. Obviously, it is something like 8-10 years old and is rather obsolete by today's standards. Any thoughts?
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    The A version is the updated model to the original 105.

    It's only grey market to the USA because it wasn't supposed to be officially sold here (90% of cameras on eBay from random non-authorized businesses and not individuals are grey market meaning most likely directly imported from Japan).

    The camera models work the same way, but are registered to be sold in different countries under different regulations.

    Need to find out where the camera's from and download the firmware for it (there should be an exact product/serial number somewhere, maybe under the EVF or the bottom of the camera).


      From a 2010 article "Confusingly it seems in Japan it will be called the AF105 , in Europe the AF101 and in N.America the AF100."
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        IIRC, they had the AF100 - 101 - 102 - 103 - 104 - 105. Then they added an A to the updated models.

        Old thinking in a different world with this early cinema camera and many other fixed-lens prosumer cameras.


          The AG-AF105A that I have has firmware version 2.06-00-0.00. Searching for firmware versions for the AF100A, I can find version 1.24 as the latest version. Should I dare to update this AF105A to the latest AF100A firmware? Or just leave well enough alone.

          I know that the lenses also have updatable firmware, so I will look into that as well.

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            I'm not really sure, personally.

            Dislike repeating it various times on this forum but stuff was really archaic back then.

            Cameras weren't as intelligent, and any miscommunication(s) could potentially result in bricking them.