I have a fujinon eagle s16x7brm-18b eng lens from a camera long dead. I ordered the Fotodiox B4-MFT mount adapter so I can use this glass on my AF100. [YES I KNOW ABOUT THE VIGNETTING, DOES NOT MATTER] When I went to mate the lens to the adapter, I cannot get the flanges to go in far enough to lock the mount. It almost looks flush with the bayonet ring.

Now is this a problem with the 'ears' of the lens mount being too thick? or could the bayonet ring not have a gap wide enough to allow the flange to lock down. I have not taken a caliper to the locking ring, but it does not feel like it is tightening to compress the ears. As though it should have some sort of screw action, but it only rotates.

Ideas are welcome.